July 2009

Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is a graphic designer best known for creating the "I love NY" logo. He made and still makes tons of other really cool stuff. You can easily spend an hour on his site looking at images and watching his videos.

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Art Beach Towels

In 2007 Works on Whatever made these beach towels, which clockwise from top left included works by Alex Katz, Jeff Koons, Raymond Pettibon, Elizabeth Peyton, Richard Phillips & Julian Schnabel. They sell from $95 - $300. To see more beach towels and their 2008 trees collection visit their site.

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Sister Corita

Sister Corita Kent was a 1960s avant-garde graphic artist and nun. Her vibrant serigraphs from the ‘60s and ‘70s reflected her spirituality, her commitment to social justice, and her hope for peace. When her anti-Vietnam War prints were censored she said, “I am not brave enough to not pay my income tax and risk going to jail. But I can say rather freely what I want to say with my art.”

Sourced from and more bio + images at mattwolf.info

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Essential Records | Best New Band | Kill For Total Peace

This video actually does little if any justice - Spaz out to "Captin America" on their myspace link

Sourced from Dronepod
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Essential Records - Wolfgang Dauner | Ouput

Don't let the cover fool you. This is not a post punk record. It's weird German jazz fusiony compositions.

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