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Originally appearing in The New Yorker in 1967, The Pine Barrens is a non-fiction account of the New Jersey Pinelands, a largely rural and undeveloped land that takes up a large portion of the state.  Nearly 1.1 million acres are part of the national reserve and in 1983 the United Nations designated the land an international biosphere. The area is known for orchids and carnivorous plants as well as some of the purest water in the United States.  With all that said, there's also a whole bunch of weird shit happening down there. For starters, the area's inhospital living conditions made it the perfect place for the dregs of the society to hide, so in the early days, you had people like moonshiners and fugitives settling there. Today, the offspring of these dregs are called "Pineys" and they're basically like rednecks and live a sort of ecked out existence deep in the woods. Kind of like Cajuns. The Jersey Devil supposedly lurks there and there are more than a few ghost towns. It's a good story, with lots of lore but tons of facts and good "New Yorker" style nature writing. As more and more douches continue to flock up to the Catskills. You should play point with your friends and go here. We'll leave you with one of the best bands to ever come from Philadelphia, The Strapping Fieldhands, and their song "In the Pineys", which you can listen to from Siltbreeze here.


Good Movie | The Collector

The Collector
William Wyler

This movie is creepity, creep, creepy. Wyler passed on the opportunity to direct The Sound of Music to direct this.

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Maarten Bass | Designer



Dr. Caligari-like furniture made from clay & wood

The Baas design at the Gramercy Hotel in New York - all above sourced from Maarten Baas

Knife blocks - sourced from Richard Metzger's blog Dangerous Minds

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Helmut Smits | Artist & Designer

Drum set made from tin cans

Lamp made from packaging

Landscape made from corporate logos

Nascar made from garbage bags, shopping bags, foil & tape

Puma logo in The Netherlands

Lacoste logo in The Netherlands

Without cabinet made from stuff that would normally be in a cabinet

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Danny "The Golden Child" Jacobs

As a boxer, Danny Jacobs is 16-0, with 14 knockouts, most of them occurring within minutes. He's been hailed as the "Next Big Thing" and "The best fighter to come out of New York City since Tyson."  He fights Aug 22 against Ishe Smith, (a boxer featured on Sylvester Stallone's reality show The Contender), in a bout that if victorious, will put him in line for a title fight. He's basically the closest thing to a "stud" you will ever see.

We'll be posting our video portrait of him in the coming weeks.

Here's a quote from the video: 

"Boxing is a sport but it's also a business. You can't take it personal but that doesn't stop me from feeling sorry for my opponents because of the brutal beating that I give them."

Watch the fight!

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Old School Skate Stickers













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