August 2009

Essential Records | Section 25

Section 25
Always Now
Post Punk
Factory Records
Production credits on various albums include: Bernard Sumner of New Order, Ian Curtis of Joy Division and the late Martin Hannett, a man responsible for a lot of good records.

Image sourced from Acknowledged Classic

Good Movie | Jubilee by Derek Jarman

Director: Derek Jarman
Starring Toyah Willcox, Adam Ant, The Slits, Siouxie & The Banshees, Wayne Country, Nell Campbell
England, 1977
Score by: Brain Eno

A pointless yet genius film by the brilliant Derek Jarman featuring butt loads of punk icons and Malcolm McLaren proteges. Queen Elizabeth I is transported forward through time and arrives in 70's punk England. Vivienne Westwood hated it.

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Thumbs Up! On Andrea Crews

All of the following comes from the artist / designer Andrea Crews. She is interesting.


 Drawings... remind me of Russ Meyer

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                           oo                    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                        oo                    XX



What seems to be a Kusama inspired happening...



So cool.

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