September 2009

Don Bonham & The Hermen Goode Aesthetics Racing Team

Don Bonham is a DUMBO based artist who makes kinetic sculptures of cars, boats, planes, etc., that often include elements of the human body in their design. He's also involved with Hermen Goode Aesthetic Racing Team.











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Good Movie | Girl on a Motorcycle



 Sourced from everywhere but mostly Verdoux & London Lee



The Girl on a Motorcycle or better yet, Naked Under Leather (as the film was called in France), was a British / French film directed in 1968 by Jack Cardiff. The film starred Marianne Faithfull and was due to air at Cannes but due to the May 68 riots it never did. The plot is fairly simple: A woman leaves her husband and zips away on her motorcycle to be with her lover.  Plenty of sexual and psychedelic experiences happen along the way.

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Helmet Options





More at Colette







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Knucklebuster Will Pound You

Knucklebuster is without a doubt the best DIY bike site on the web. Bask in all the glory of their amazing site now.










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Kustom King George Barris

George Barris is the self-proclaimed "King of Custom Cars, hot rods, cars of the stars and self promotion."  He's credited for building the original Batmobile, The Dukes of Hazard's General Lee, The Munsters Koach, as well as the cars for The Beverly Hillbillies, Starsky & Hutch, The Monkess and dozens more.  He did the modifications for KITT of Knight Rider fame and is rumored to have done the De Lorean for Back to the Future (though many people said he did not).  His clients run the gamut from Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and Elton John to Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Sonny & Cher.


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Old Town Old Docs

Old Town is an English clothing company that makes British Isle inspired clothes. Check them out.





Time to break out your doc's from high school if you still gottem. The new versions don't quite cut it.



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Essential Records | Non Band

Non Band were a Japanese No-Wavey, New Wavey, Tribally, Spazzy, Thumping, Bumping, Post Punky outift who released their self titled album in 1982. It's essential to any record collection.





NON Band Blog (Japanese)
Download "Duncan Dancin" and a nice collection of rare and obscure post punk goodness here

Folk Art Assault













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Behind Every Good Man is Woman

A few good men...with their girls


John Coltran with Alice                                                 Jim Jarmusch with Sara Driver

Wallace Berman with Shirley...and Allen Ginsberg

Alfred Hitchcock with Alma

Michelangelo Antonioni and Enrica Fico


Jack London & Charmian                                             Helmut Newton & June


Thelonious Monk with Nellie                                         George Harrison & 2nd wife Olivia

George Harrison and 1st wife Patti Boyd

Serge Gainsbourg & Janey B

Tom Waits & Kathleen Brennan


Jean-Luc Godard & 1st wife Anna Karina                    Godard's 2nd wife Anne Wiazemsky

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