September 2009

Essential Records | Billy Boyo



There were lots of rumors about this kid: The false story was this: As one of the "child" deejay stars of Kingston, Boyo emerged on the scene as 13 year old.  He took jabs at some of the Kingston gangsters with his lyrics and ended up getting shot in the head and killed before he hit puberty. The Clash song "Wrong em Boyo" is supposedly about this incident.

The Real story is mostly the same as above except he was not murdered - he died of a brain tumor in Brooklyn.




Os Mangranda's Found

Some snippets of Os Mangranda's picture collection




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Artist Interview | Eric LoPresti

Brooklyn based artist Eric LoPresti's new show “Fade” opens today and runs through October 4 at Like The Spice Gallery in Williamsburg.  We sat down with him to talk about the concept for the show and the Brooklyn art scene.


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Sam Haskins | Photographer

Besides being an amazing photographer, Sam Haskins is an amazing blogger. His blog, which takes you through his thoughts on his photographs, is one of the best photo blogs on the web.






Sam Haskins official site

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Reading List | Buda's Wagon: A Brief History of the Car Bomb

The first car bomb was actually a horse & carriage loaded with dynamite. It was masterminded by Italian anarchist, Mario Buda and was intened to take out J.P. Morgan near Wall Street.  The bomb didn't get him but it did ignite an acessible and inexpensive means of getting your point across.  This is a great and fascinating read, brought to you by Verso Books.

Vintage Movie Star Postcards










Loads more at this site's awesome collection.

Suede Album Covers

As a band, I can take them or leave them. I do like a handful of their songs and I really like their video for Metal Mickey,  but what I always really loved about this band was their LP art.

Their story begins with the image below taken from their self titled album, Suede.  The cover was taken from the book, Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs by Tessa Boffin and Jean Fraser and was placed on Virgin Media's Top 20 Most Pretentious Album Covers.  The Actual photograph was cropped from a photo by Tee Corrine.


The inner sleeve photography was done by legendary rock photographer, Pennie Smith, who you will most likely recognize from the shot below.

The best of Suede's covers came later, when Peter Saville, art director for Factory Records came into the picture. Peter made these covers as well.




...and now for the Sude covers...the hyper glam covers are the ones designed by Peter. The others are just as a great.









As a bonus: Here are some of those "Pretentious Album Covers" listed in that story. The rest can be found here.




Frederic Magazine | Art

Frederic Fleury is a French artist that co-runs editions 57 and is one of the founding members of Frederic Magazine. You can see an unbelievable amount of images by visiting the magazine here.  You can visit his flickr page here. And you can buy some of his stuff from Nieves, whose site is also worth exploring.











X-Rated doodles after the jump

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Old School Bones Brigade Videos

The Bones Brigade Video Show Part 1



The Search for Animal Chin



Sourced from Larson's Domain

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Republic's Fixed Gear Bikes | The Price is right


Republic is bike company from Florida that allows you to customize your bike. You can choose fixed gear or free gear, mix-match color & accessories, etc. They ride good, the design is good and the price, which just dropped to $399, is really good.

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