October 2009

Werner Herzog's Film School

Dangerous Minds, the quirky website that features videos of outstanding round table discussions led by Richard Metzger posted this a while back and I still can't tell if this is a joke.  Apparently, Werner Herzog is going to teach his own film school and I'm sure it's cheaper than NYU. If only Kinski were alive to run the drama department...


"The Rogue Film School will be in the form of weekend seminars held by Werner Herzog in person at varying locations and at infrequent intervals.

The number of participants will be limited.

The Rogue Film School will not teach anything technical related to film-making.  For this purpose, please enroll at your local film school.

The Rogue Film School is about a way of life.  It is about a climate, the excitement that makes film possible.  It will be about poetry, films, music, images, literature.

The focus of the seminars will be a dialogue with Werner Herzog, in which the participants will have their voice with their projects, their questions, their aspirations.

Excerpts of films will be discussed, which could include your submitted films; they may be shown and discussed as well.  Depending on the materials, the attention will revolve around essential questions: how does music function in film?  How do you narrate a story? (This will certainly depart from the brainless teachings of three-act-screenplays).  How do you sensitize an audience?  How is space created and understood by an audience?  How do you produce and edit a film?  How do you create illumination and an ecstasy of truth?

Related, but more practical subjects, will be the art of lockpicking.  Traveling on foot.  The exhilaration of being shot at unsuccessfully.  The athletic side of filmmaking.  The creation of your own shooting permits.  The neutralization of bureaucracy.  Guerrilla tactics.  Self-reliance.

Censorship will be enforced. There will be no talk of shamans, of yoga classes, nutritional values, herbal teas, discovering your Boundaries, and Inner Growth.

Related, but more reflective, will be a reading list: if possible, read Virgil’s “Georgics,” read “Hemingway’s “The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber,” The Poetic Edda, translated by Lee M. Hollander (in particular the Prophecy of the Seeress), Bernal Diaz del Castillo “True History of the Conquest of New Spain”."

Enroll here

Via Dangerous Minds

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Get Yourself Some Trickers

Trickers is a shoe line founded by master shoemaker, Josephe Tricker.  The company was founded in 1829 in Northampton, the heart of England's shoemaking country, and is now a 5th generation family business. All shoes are handmade by master craftsman. They ain't cheap either.


Photo via Mister Mort



Photos via You Have Broken The Internet

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Essential Records | Alan Vega "Jukebox Babe"

As many of you know, Alan Vega is a visual artist and one half of the duo, Suicide. In 1980 he released a self-titled solo record with his electo-rockabilly "hit" Jukebox Babe.  This record, like a handful of his other output,  is absolutely essential.


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Emil Leray: Slicker than MacGyver

"In 1993, stranded alone with a broken-down Citroen 2CV in the middle of the Moroccan desert, French handyman Emil Leray needed away to get to civilization. Using what he only had with him Emil created this motorcycle from his damaged car. It took a little over ten days to build without the aide of a torch or power tools. Needless to say, Emil made it home."

Bonus: His sites in French, which I don't speak, but I think he made a raft-like structure out of the car as well. See the photo montage below.

via: The New Cafe Racer Society







Below are some other inventive bikes you can expect to find on their site. All of which seem fun to ride (or make) whether you're at Burning Man or not.










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Soeren Behncke | Artist








See more of Soeren's work + other great art and artists at the V1 Gallery

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Mary Quant | Fashion Designer

Mary Quant is an English fashion designer who specialized in pop art fashion and is credited for inventing the miniskirt and hot pants.




Video sourced from Eukrypto
Images sourced from Glamour-a-go-go

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Selected Covers of OZ Magazine

OZ began in 1963 as a humor magazine in Sydney, Australia, but from 1967 to 1973 the publiction survived as a psychedelic hippie magazine in London. In 1970, Oz went on an obscenities trail for publishing a sexual explicit adaptation of an x-rated R. Crumb cartoon.  Yoko Ono and John Lennon jumped to the magazine's defense and organzied the recording of "God Save Oz" by the Elastic Oz Band, which was released on The Beatles' Apple label. Lennon originally demoed the song but due to contractual obligations had turn over the recording to Bill Elliot. Lennon's version would later be released on his anthology.  Other support for Oz came from John Peel, Marty Feldman and Caroline Coon.











Images sourced from Wussu

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Olaf Breuning | Artist

I saved the best shit for his website. Go there.










Does No Ordinary Monkey throw the best parties in NYC? Probably.

Does No Ordinary Monkey make the best flyers? Definitely.










Michael Clark Dance Company

Michale Clark is a Scottish born, London based dancer and choreographer known for (amongst alot of other things) incorporating punk music into his work. He has collaborated with the likes of Leigh Bowery, The Fall, Laibach, Wire & Igor Stravinsky.  If these videos don't get you into dance, nothing probably will.



Video Sources: Bloody Volcano & Eraserhead 1982

Wiki and his seriously dope, official

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