November 2009

More Rock Star Art

a few weeks ago we posted some art done by rockstars. here's more. on november 21 phillips de pury & company will be auctioning of rock star or rock star related art. the prices below the images are in english pounds. not dollars.


self portrait by pete doherty 3,000 - 4,000


invader's version of pulp's this is hardcore cover 4000-6000


andy warhol's michael jackson 150,000-200,000


michael jackson's handwritten lyric to the innocent man 8,000-12,000


paul mccartney sketch 4,000-6,000


paul mccartney's hand painted surfboard 60,000-80,000


shepard fairey's john lennon lithograph 800-1,200


landscape painted by kurt cobain while in high school 10,000-15,000


painting by marilyn manson 25,000-35,000


bjork's dress 800-1,200


bob dylan's jacket 20,000-30,000


the clash at the apollo gig poster 800-1,200


the clash at acklam hall gig poster 700-900


sex pistols at club du chalet du lac gig poster 2,500-3,500


mick rock's photograph of lou reed for trasformer 1,500-2,500


artwork by jim morrison 5,000-7,000


drawings by moby 1,200-1,800


lawrence watson's photograph of ll cool j 1,200-1,800


four finger ring worn by remy ma 350-500

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Bugada & Cargnel Gallery

Bugada & Cargnel is a gallery is Paris that I really like.

james hopkins




vanessa beecroft




marc bijl



pierre bismuth




kimberly clark



anikka larsson





iris von dongen

Lubalin Now


Photos via Typogabor & Cooper Union

Lubalin Now is an exhibition currently at Cooper Union showcasing selections from their collection of Herb Lubalin's graphic design work. His logos, typeface design, and art direction for Avant Garde, Fact, and Eros Magazine get special attention but the bulk of the show is dedicated to the influence his legacy has on contemporary designers (most notably, that of Justin Thomas Kay). If you miss this exhibition, fear not, the flat files of Lubalin's complete collection is on view by appointment and is available to the public.

Lubalin Now @ The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography
Exhibition On View November 5, 2009 – December 8, 2009
Gallery Hours Monday–Thursdays 12–7 pm, Saturday 12–5 pm
Closed Fridays and Sundays
Closed November 26, 2009–November 29, 2009

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Songs of the Day


Altered Images - I Could Be Happy

Toni Basil - Breakaway
The Cramps - Sunglasses After Dark

The Vampires of Dartmoor - Dance of the Vampires 


The Liverpool Scene - Batpoem 
Tonto Irie - Western Style
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Perfect Exposure | A German Collection of Film Stills & Posters


















way way way way way way way way way more here

Nolan Hendrickson | Artist








Nolan Hendrickson Official | The Fecal Face Interview

A Shufflebook Set | Richard Hefter & Martin Stephen Moskof

The Shufflebook was a set of cards that were developed by Richard Hefter & Martin Stephen Moskof. The idea was to mix & match the cards to make your own story. Mathematically, I guess over 100,000 different stories could be told.











Discovery via: Martin Klasch |  Images via: Hey Sam Bennett
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Stills from Tron

Visually speaking, I Love Hotdogs is one of the better movie sites on the web. Not only can you use it to load up your netflix que with the editors excellent taste in movies, but you can also use their images for inspiration in your next art project. The editor basically collects stills from cool movies and lets you drool all over them. Here are some selects from their Tron series.


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