November 2009

Jack Greer's Video Zine 2 Available at ANYThing

Jack Greer’s Video Zine 2 is a collection of stills featuring Jesse Paez, Too $hort, Ed Templeton, Siouxsie, KMT, GG Allin, SLC Punk and a lot of other people. Full color.

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Jack Greer
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Jean Claude Forest | The Artist Behind Barbarella


Jean Claude Forest was French artist, illustrator and writer best known for creating the sci-fi comic strip Barbarella.  In 1967, the strip was adapted in to a movie of the same name by Terry Southern and Rager Vadim.
























There's a new (well new to us) blog that we're following. It's called Skum and it's a cool ass blog.

Bikini Machines - Collected LP Art

















From the brilliant Bikini Machines

Patches I'm Depending on you Son

















Hundreds more @ Endless Blockades

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Cosmic Gypsy Pagan Hippie Sex Magick


















Peculiar, Sexy, enter the world of COSMIC DUST

Pierre Cardin's Space Age Fashion


Pierre Cardin's Space Age phase, which certainly helps explain his choice in homes (Click & Scroll yo)

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TONIGHT'S EVENT: Chris Alker & Sal P of Liquid Liquid @ Le Poisson Rouge

Raging against the dancing wasteland, OFF THE GRID is a once-a-month event which focuses on dance music that cannot typically be heard on a Friday or Saturday night. It will focus on a collage of Mutant Disco, Punk Funk, No Wave and rare B-Sides from the 70's & 80's.

Special guest DJs who have contributed, or continue to contribute to expanding the musical spectrum in NY will share the decks each month with the Resident NY DJs Chris Alker and Monica Sharp.

This month's special guest DJ is Sal P.

Salvatore Principato is best known as the vocalist and percussionist of seminal minimalist-funk band Liquid Liquid, but his nearly three-decade career actually spans a wide variety of genres. Raised in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Principato relocated to San Francisco in the late 1970’s, where he performed spoken word, composed songs, and created short films.

He soon returned to the New York area and joined Liquid Liquid with hometown friend Richard McGuire and Scott Hartley. After the band’s CBGB debut in August 1979, and the recruiting of new member Dennis Young, the band began recording for 99 Records and released three EPs: Liquid Liquid, Successive Reflexes (both 1981), and Optimo (1983). The group’s successes included massive club hits such as “Cavern,” “Bellhead,” and “Optimo,” in addition to sold-out concerts worldwide. “Cavern” became the basis of Grandmaster Flash’s rap classic, “White Lines (Don’t Do It).” Post-McGuire, the band released one final EP Dig We Must in 1984, before officially disbanding.

Before long, Principato returned to music and formed the industrial-dub outfit Fist of Facts, which toured Europe and released a 12-inch EP Fugitive Vesco in 1988 and recently another limited edition Fist Of Facts record has been released by Claremont 56 out of London. In the early 1990’s, Principato began producing words-and-music shows in downtown New York clubs and galleries, as well as an annual series of free outdoor shows and a cable TV program based on these shows. He also drummed with a rock band Liki Outhaus, collaborated with the late Zen Guitar author Phil Toshio Sudo in the experimental music project Avant Garbage, and ran a downtown rehearsal studio. For the past few years, under the “Uni-ver-SAL” and “New Africa Presents” banners, he has produced many African and Caribbean music concerts and is currently promoting Universal Sundays, a weekly event in New York City.

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