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Employee of the Month | Christie Brown


Christie Brown is our editor. She's also a filmmaker and cameralady, who did some camerlady work for the documentary, Todd P Goes to Austin...A Story About Doing It Yourself.  Her most recent venture is a project for Future Tense, which she co-directed under the moniker of CCAPR. The film will be shown both at ICI in New York & Berlin, as well at Art Basel in Miami.


From the Cleopatra Gallery Progam

From Todd P Goes to Austin

TODD P GOES TO AUSTIN trailer from FVMMO FILMS on Vimeo.

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Rock Star Art


Brian Chippendale - Lightning Bolt



Jad Fair - Half Japanese




David Byrne - Talking Heads




Grace Slick - The Jefferson Airplane



Brian Degraw - Gang Gang Dance




Janis Joplin



Alan Vega - Suicide




Devendra Barnhart



James Nares - The Contortions




John Lennon




John Squire - The Stone Roses



Mickey Dolenz - The Monkees




Ringo Starr



Robert Smith - The Cure
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Shop like an Icon


------------------------TERENCE STAMP------------------------------



------------------------THURSTON MOORE---------------------------



-------------------CHARLOTTE RAMPLING---------------------------



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------------------------------JANE BIRKIN------------------------------


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Krautrock Documentary Coming Soon


Nearly a decade and half after Julian Cope's seminal Krautrock book, Krautrocksampler, BBC 4 is releasing a documentary on the German genre entitled, Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany. Expect to hear interviews from the usual suspects, Neu, Kraftwerk, Faust, Can, Cluster, etc.  You can watch the trailer over at Electric Roulette and watch a video from La Dusseldorf, Klaus Dinger's band (former member of Kraftwerk & Neu) below.


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Cool Ass Blog | Mauve Deep






Exceptional curation here

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Kinky Afro







Went out in Fort Greene last night and counted not one, not two and need even five, but six...SIX....girls sporting afros...and that, my friend, is a very good thing.

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