December 2013

Revel in New York is pleased to announce the first edition of Revel In Portland


Revel in Portland is annoucing their first edition tonight with a release party at The Cleaners inside Portland's Ace Hotel. The book features interviews with some of Portland's most interesting residents like filmmaker Lance Bangs, Johnny Jewel of Chromatics, and Tinker Hatfield—The Nike sneaker designer responsible for creating the Air Max, Air Jordan and Nike's most iconic shoes. Thanks to Portland editor & design team Janice Grube and Carolin Harris for their hardwork and to the folks at IFC, Portlandia, Danner, See See Motorcycles and Bonfire Snowboards for their support!





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Revel in New York Founders Marc Santo and Scott Newman in The New York Times


The New York Times did a story on "Offbeat City Guides" that featured Revel In New York and one of our favorite architecture magazines Pin-Up.  It's a well done story that sums up what we're trying to do better than we can.

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Revel In New York gets some love from Forbes Magazine


Special thanks to Beth Greenfield for spreading the word on Revel in New York Vol. 3 in Forbes Magazine as "An NYC Guide Worth Seeking Out".  Check out the full story here.


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Revel in New York at Facing Pages exhibit in The Netherlands


Revel in New York is pleased to announce our selection into this year's Facing Pages exhibition for independent magazines in The Netherlands. It's an honor to be selected amongst some of our favorite magazines like Lucky Peach, Foam, Zing, 032C, HUCK and Straight to Hell. We'd like to thank Billy Miller and the STH crew for their continued support.





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A blogger finds a Revel in New York sticker on the street and blogs about it



A blogger walking up Broadway found this sticker somewhere in the vincinity of The Ace Hotel and wrote a cool little piece on us. The self congratulatory highlight:

"I was pleased to learn, however, that Revel in New York: A Look at the City Through its People is something very different. A series of guide books and video profiles, Revel in New York is a campaign that strives to showcase members of the city's creative communities from across the spectrum, from dance to architecture to photography to music to theatre and beyond, seemingly composed in a manner that is intelligent, informed and reverent of the city's illustrious past (not just mooching off it). It certainly seems like a cool idea."

Thanks Flaming Pablum!


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