Rip Torn | America's Loose Cannon

Rip Torn was arrested earlier this week for breaking into a Litchfield, CT bank while heavily intoxicated and holding a loaded gun.  In honor of this psychopath, here is the infamous fight that broke out on the set of Norman Mailer's movie, Maidstone.  The scene was supposed to be an improvised and fictional fight between Torn and Mailer's character, but as the cameras rolled Torn pulled out a hammer and beat Mailer with it, intending on killing his "character".  Mailer's head cracked open. Blood spilled. Mailer bit a piece of Ton's ear off. Mailer's children cried and mayhem ensued. The fight, in which the actors called each other by their "real" names actually made it into the final cut of the film. Enjoy.


Thanks Jim!

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