Deconstructing Panda Bear's Person Pitch


Panda Bear is the member of Animal Collective who made the nearly perfect solo record, Person Pitch. I was on his Wikipedia page and noticed all the sampling he did for this album and thought that highlighting some of these bits & pieces would be fun. 

We begin with Agnes Montgomery. She's the artist who created the iconic album art (shown above) and the collages shown below. Agnes is based in Philly.  Signed limited edition prints of her work can be purchased for $125 here.






Below are the songs sampled on the album:


Comfy In Nautica features a sample of Geino Yamashirogumi's song Tetsuo.  Geino Yamashirogumi is a Japanese folk collective that could have over 70 singers and 100 members at any given time.  The members consist of every day people that range from businessmen, doctors, students and everyone in between. The song Panda Bear sampled was a commisioned tune from the soundtrack to Akira.  The picture below is taken from Julian Cope's website and shows some of the members performing.




Take Pills, the second song on Person Pitch, contains a sample from a Scott Walker's ballad, Always Coming Back to You (shown below) and The Tornados song, Popeye Twist (shown below that).



Track 3 - Bros - Contains the following samples:

Red Roses and a Sky of Blue by The Tornados



I've Found a Love by Cat Stevens from his album, Matthew & Son



Rub A Dub Dub by The Equals (Listen Here)



Track 4: I'm Not contains a sample from Rose, Liz, Printemps, Verdure by Guillaume de Machaut but performed by Gothic Voices



Track 5: Good Girl / Carrots contains the following samples:

Radio Calcutta #2 from the album Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound



Enter the Dragon by Lee Scratch Perry



Ananas Symphonie by Kraftwerk



Track 6: Search for Delicious is named after the book of the same namb by children's author Natalie Babbitt



...and that takes care of that!