Good Movies | The Radley Metzger Collection

Radley Metzger was a New York filmmaker who made most of his films in Paris. His films were loved by a wide range of artists and directors that run the gamut from Andy Warhol to Orson Welles. The plots were typical Euro-Sleaze sexploitation that were kind of cheesey, but absolutely great.  For the most part, they were beautifully shot and artistically stylized with impeccable set design. These films will appeal to fans of the genre, as well as photography buffs, film buffs, furniture & design enthusiasts, soundtrack collectors, and of coarse, perverts.






The Lickerish Quartet Trailer


Sourced by Our Man in Havana


Carmen, Baby Trailer


Sourced from B Kontos


Camille 2000


Sourced from Visions of Excess