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The Rat was an underground, New York anarchist newspaper started by Jeff Nightbyrd, Alice Embree and Gary Thiher in 1968. They covered things like the Weather Underground, The Black Panthers, The Young Lords, street drugs, bombings, music and sex.  They're rumored to have to started the "Paul is Dead" rumor, which had millions of people playing Beatles records backwards looking for cyrptic messages and received content contributions from people like R. Crumb and William S. Burroughs.

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May 17-30 1968

I have this edition and a whole box more of underground including Haight Ashbury.

I know it all would be worth alot to the right person but what would be a good jump off poin?

Thanks for any help!


RAT Subterranean News cover

The STRIKE! cover with the three charging women is my artwork. Very cool that it remains alive after all these years.