Crash Course in Science on The Uncle Floyd Show


People who grew up in the tri-state area, mostly in New York and especially in New Jersey are familiar with Uncle Floyd.  He was the host of The Uncle Floyd Show that ran on New Jersey Network and it was basically the coolest show on earth.  It had puppet shows, all sorts of weird NJ legends, like R. Steevie Moore (Ariel Pink's main influence) and music guests like The Ramones, The Misfits, Cyndi Lauper, David Johansen, Chubby Checker, Dr. Demento, Pussy Galore, The Dead Boys and so on.  It was like the best of WFMU if WFMU were on televsion. 

Anyways, he also had Crash Course in Science on his show, who were a late 70's Philadelphia band that used kitchen appliances and such as instruments. The first video is of them on Uncle Floyd Show and the bottom videos are their "hit" tracks Cardboard Lamb and Flying Turns.



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