Desert Island Discs

For a while now, BBC 4 has been asking Celebrities what 8 albums, 1 book and 1 luxury item they would take them if they were to get stranded on a desert Island. Below are some selections


Suggs of Madness

1. Cry Me a River
Performer: Julie London
CD Title: That's Jazz

2. Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
Performer: Ian Dury
CD Title: A Hard Nights Day

3. London's Burning
Performer: The Clash
CD Title: Clash on Broadway

4. On a Portrait of a Deaf Man
Performer: John Betejman accompanied by Jim Parker
CD Title: Banana Blush

5. Al Capone
Performer: Prince Buster
CD Title: FABulous Greatest Hits

6. Is That All There Is?
Performer: Peggy Lee
CD Title: Lieber & Stoller Songbook

7. Village Green Preservation Society
Performer: The Kinks
CD Title: The Kinks are the Village Preservation Society

8. Cleaning Windows
Performer: Van Morrison
CD Title: The Best of Van Morrison

His book, apart from The Bible and the Complete Works of Shakespeare, would be a concise book of Italian verbs.

His luxury would be a nucleus of bees.

John Malkovich

1. When the Leaves Come Falling down
Performer: Van Morrison
CD Title: Back on Top

2. Rainy Day in Georgia
Performer: Brook Benton
CD Title: Brooke Benton - 40 Greatest Hits

3. Once Upon a Time
Performer: Frank Sinatra
CD Title: September of My Years

4. Kentucky Avenue
Performer: Tom Waits
CD Title: Blue Valentine

5. Accordion theme from soundtrack of The Dancer Upstairs
Performer: Albert Iglesias
CD Title: The Dancer upstairs

6. Still DRE
Performer: Dr Dre
CD Title: The Lick - presented by Trevor Nelson

7. Highway 29
Performer: Bruce Springsteen
CD Title: The Ghost of Tom Joad

8. Who knows where the time goes Performer: Nina Simone
Composer: Denny
CD Title: Black Gold

His book, in addition to the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare, would be The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner.

His luxury would be a cappuccino maker.

David Gilmour - Pink Floyd

1. 'Waterloo Sunset'
Performer  Kinks
CD Title  25 Years of  Rock and Roll - 1967/Various artists.

2. 'Ballad in Plain D'
Performer  Bob Dylan
CD Title  Another Side of Bob Dylan

3. 'I'm Still Here'
Performer  Tom Waits
CD Title  Alice

4. 'Dancing in the Street'
Performer  Martha and the Vandellas
CD Title  Dancing in the Street

5. 'Anthem'
Performer  Leonard Cohen
CD Title  More Best of  Leonard Cohen

6. 'A Man Needs a  Maid'
Performer  Neil Young
CD Title  Decade

7. 'For Free'
Performer  Joni Mitchell
CD Title  Ladies of the Canyon

8. 'Rudi with a Flashlight'
Performer  Lemonheads
CD Title  Best of the Lemonheads

Book:    An English translation of the Koran
Luxury:  An acoustic Martin D.35 guitar


Nick Hornby - Writer

1. 'Kitty's Back'
Performer  Bruce Springsteen
CD Title  The Wild, the Innocent & E Street Shuffle

2. 'You Wear It Well'
Performer  Rod Stewart
CD Title  The Best of Rod Stewart

3. 'Complainte pour Ste Catherine'
Performer  Kate and Anna McGarrigle
CD Title  French Record

4. 'The Love You Save'
Performer  Jackson Five
CD Title  Children of the Light

5. 'Fatou Yo'
Performer  Toure Kunda
CD Title  World Playground-Musical adventure for kids
6. 'Night Ride Home'
Performer  Joni Mitchell
CD Title  Night Ride Home

7. 'My heart is the Bums on the Street'
Performer  Marah
CD Title  Kids in Philly

8. 'Going Back to Cali'
Performer LL Cool J
CD Title  Less Than Zero soundtrack

Book:    Barnaby Rudge - Charles Dickens
Luxury: I pod -  a mp3 player.


John Cale - The Velvet Underground

Performer  Bob Dylan
CD Title   Subterranean Homesick Blues

Performer  Velvet Underground
CD Title  The Velvet Underground - Live in Paris 1993

Performer  Beach Boys
CD Title   Surfer Girl/Shut Down Volume 2

Performer  Beatles
CD Title  Revolver

Performer  Elbow
CD Title  Cast of Thousands

Performer  Leonard Cohen
CD Title  The New Songs

Performer  Westminster Abbey Choir
CD Title  Diana, Princess of Wales : Funeral Service

Performer  Peter Gabriel
CD Title Shaking The Tree (16 Golden Greats)

Book:     'Repetition' by Alain Robbe-Grillet
Luxury:   Express coffee machine with coffee beans 


Tracey Emin - Artist

1.Riding for a Fall
Performer John Holt
CD Title Pledging my Love

2.Good Vibrations
Performer Beach Boys
CD Title Hits of 1966
3.I feel Love
Performer Donna Summer
CD Title Classic Donna Summer
4.Should I stay or should I go
Performer The Clash
CD Title Now 19
5.Chirpie Chirpie Cheep Cheep
Performer Middle of the Road
CD Title Very Best of Middle of the Road
6.Burning Love
Performer Elvis Presley
CD Title A Life in Music
7.Now that I've Found Love
Performer Third World
CD Title Now that We Found Love

8.Young Americans
Performer David Bowie
CD Title Best of David Bowie
Book     Spinoza: Ethics by G H R Parkinson
Luxury:  A pen which would never run out

Stephen King

1.She Loves You
Performer The Beatles
CD Title One

2.Desolation Row
Performer Bob Dylan
CD Title Highway 61 Revisited

3 Choctaw Bingo
Performer James McMurtry
CD Title Saint Mary of the Woods

4.Middle of the Road
Performer The Pretenders
CD Title Learning to Crawl

5.Barrier Reef
Performer Old 97’s
CD Title Alive and Wired

Performer Bruce Springsteen
CD Title The River

7.Pon De Replay
Performer Rihanna
CD Title Rihanna: Pon De Replay

8.When the Stars Go Blue
Performer  Ryan Adams
CD Title Gold

Book: Collected poetry of W. H. Auden
Luxury: Water hammock


Yoko Ono

1. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Performer Edith Piaf
CD Title Edith Piaf: Legends of the 20th Century

2. Lili Marlene
Performer Lale Andersen
CD Title Lili Marleen

3. Liverpool Lou
Performer Dominic Behan
CD Title The Rocky Road to Dublin: The Best of Irish Folk

4. One Love/People Get Ready
Performer Bob Marley
CD Title Legend

5. When I Grow Too Old To Dream
Performer Gracie Fields
CD Title The Best of Gracie Fields

6. Beautiful Boy
Performer John Lennon
CD Title The John Lennon Collection

7. Magic
Performer Sean Lennon

No 8. Seoul
Performer Amiina
CD Title Kurr

Book: Sai-Yu-Ki
Luxury: My life for the next thirty years


Jarvis Cocker - Pulp

1. Theme
Performer Conductor Gian-Piero Reverberi
CD Title The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe - Original TV Soundtrack

2. Transmission
Performer Joy Division
CD Title Permanent: Joy Division

3. Mouldy Old Dough
Performer Lieutenant Pigeon
CD Title Dancing on a Saturday night - Dance hits of the 60's and 70s

4. Ten Guitars
Performer Engelbert Humperdinck
CD Title This is my life: Greatest Hits 1967-1969 Engelbert Humperdinck

5. The War is Over
Performer Scott Walker
CD Title 'Til the band comes in
6. Lady with the Braid
Performer Dory Previn
CD Title Mythical Kings and Iguanas

7. I see a darkness
Performer Johnny Cash
CD Title CASH - American III: Solitary Man

8. Sailing By
Performer BBC Concert Orchestra  Cond. Handley
CD Title The Essential British Light Music Collection

Book:   Sombrero Fallout by Richard Brautigan
Luxury:  A Bed with a Mosquito net.




1. Please Call Me Baby
Performer Tom Waits
CD Title The Heart of Saturday Night

2. The Lady is a Tramp
Performer Frank Sinatra
CD Title Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits

3. Take Me With You
Performer Prince
CD Title Purple Rain

4. Grand Canyon
Performer The Magnetic Fields
CD Title 69 Love Songs

5. Baby I Love You
Performer The Ronettes
CD Title Best of The Ronettes

6. Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que
Performer Serge Gainsourg
CD Title Best of Serge Gainsbourg

7. Love You
Performer Syd Barrett
CD Title The Madcap Laughs

8. Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This
Performer Love
CD Title Forever Changes

Book: Madame Bovary by Gustav Flaubert
Luxury Item The Internet

Bonus albums:  New Order Substance, Miles Davis Bitches Brew, Spiritualized Pure Phase, Plastikman Consumed, The Vaselines A Complete History, Can Tago Mago, Stone Roses Turns Into Stone, The Cure Three Imaginary Boys, The Doors Waiting For The Sun

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