More Rock Star Art

a few weeks ago we posted some art done by rockstars. here's more. on november 21 phillips de pury & company will be auctioning of rock star or rock star related art. the prices below the images are in english pounds. not dollars.


self portrait by pete doherty 3,000 - 4,000


invader's version of pulp's this is hardcore cover 4000-6000


andy warhol's michael jackson 150,000-200,000


michael jackson's handwritten lyric to the innocent man 8,000-12,000


paul mccartney sketch 4,000-6,000


paul mccartney's hand painted surfboard 60,000-80,000


shepard fairey's john lennon lithograph 800-1,200


landscape painted by kurt cobain while in high school 10,000-15,000


painting by marilyn manson 25,000-35,000


bjork's dress 800-1,200


bob dylan's jacket 20,000-30,000


the clash at the apollo gig poster 800-1,200


the clash at acklam hall gig poster 700-900


sex pistols at club du chalet du lac gig poster 2,500-3,500


mick rock's photograph of lou reed for trasformer 1,500-2,500


artwork by jim morrison 5,000-7,000


drawings by moby 1,200-1,800


lawrence watson's photograph of ll cool j 1,200-1,800


four finger ring worn by remy ma 350-500

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