Vintage Ski Jackets to High End Schtuff

Vintage Ski Jackets (inexpensive options)



adventura                                                                                                               hudson bay


10x alpine designs                                                                                                 montgomery ward


the north face                                                                                                         white stag


the north face                                                                                                         black bear


black sheep                                                                                                           ski

All of the above are $34 at Vintage Trends


Mystery Options


the north face                                                                                                          ?

Money to Burn Options


fjallraven greenland jacket                                                                                   guy cotten derby jacket



guy cotten rosbras rednyl                                              fjallraven osaka jacket                                                   cp company quilted jacket



nigel cabourn cameraman jacket                                  barbour to ki to driving jacket



acne target jacket                                                                                                   oliver spencer peasant jacket


mhl by margaret howell zip pocket parka                                                           filson shelter cloth foothills parka



belstaff lannaer jacket                                                  mhl by margaret howell duffle coat                           fred perry laurel raincoat

belstaff danbury parka (with a shaun ryder haircut and the right pair of white trainers - you too can look like a manchester gangster ready to shoot up the hacienda)

All above available at Oi Polloi