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Paul C was murdered by his wife and his brother

Showbiz has almost been sent upstate for attempted murder twice

Johnny Juice did all Terminator X’s cuts on the Public Enemy albums

Kool Keith met Godfather Don outside some industry event that both of them weren’t allowed entry to. They snuck in through a back window and then hung out for the next month or so recording the ‘Don produced tracks on “the 4 horsemen” and, of course, all the classic Cenobites tracks

Just Ice was a prime suspect in a murder case

Just Ice turned up in Queens on Poet’s block after the two Rockwell Noel & The Poet tracks dissing Krs One, Red Alert and Ms. Melodie with a shotgun and waited for Poet to come out. Needless to say, Poet stayed in the crib that day

LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee came to blows one night backstage.

Freddie Foxxx put a gun in Benzino’s(RSO AT THE TIME) mouth on the Flavor Unit tour bus, because Benzino would not stop talking shit about what a thug he was

The bridge is over” was a Marley Marl beat that Krs One and Scott La Rock found in a studio

2pac was robbed and shot by some of Supreme’s boys (Jimmy da Henchmen)

I got a story to tell” was vaguelly based on a real life incident Biggie had when he was slipping pipe to John Starks’ woman.

Eric. B beat down Large Professor and ran Kool G. Rap out of New York to Arizona after ‘G. Rap revealed Large Pro produced most of the beats Eric B was supposed to have done on the Eric B. & Rakim albums and “wanted dead or alive”.

Biz Markie produced most of EPMD’s first album

Rakim recorded a dis cut aimed at ‘Kane for “let the rhythm hit ‘em” and had a verse on the title track itself aimed at him. ‘Kane heard about this and called Rakim to squash it and Rakim went on to scrap the track and remove the verse.

Eric B. did security for Mike Tyson throughout much of the 90’s

Diamond D and his old late 80’s group Ultimate Force with Master Rob recorded a full album with Jazzy Jay which has never been heard.

Not a single member of the group NWA had a criminal record

Number of times the word cat appears on NWA albums
Straight Outa Compon: 42
100 Miles and Runnin: 105
Efil4zaggin: 249

Q Tip got fuked up so bad by one of the members of Wrexx N Effect that he lost partial sight in one of his eyes hence why in the video for “hot sex” he wore a mask

Nas came incredibly close to being on the Large Pro produced Kool G Rap, Xtra P, Freddie Foxxx and Ant posse cut “money in the bank” as he was always hangin’ around Eric B.’s studio but had gone to pick up some weed with a chick so they let the Ant kid on there instead.

Main Source (sans Large Pro) ran up in the Wild Pitch offices with machetes looking to behead MC Serch (then working as an A&R for the label) after a West Coast promotional tour went sh*tty. MC Serch got wind that they were coming and escaped by crawling over the partial walls for his office and jetting out the back door

Grimm was supposed to be on “Live at the Barbecue” but he was arrested on the way to the studio the rapper who took his place on the record was of course nasty Nas

Redman Smacked Prodigy around the time Hell On Earth was out b/c he was dissing Keith and Def Squad a year or so later keith murray himself slapped prodigy in a club(the tunnel in nyc)

When Nas came to Boston around 94/95 somebody in RSO Crew walked up to Nas and knocked his baseball hat off trying to start a problem nas let it go and walked away

MF Grimm was not only suppose to be on Live at the BBQ, but his joint with Kool G Rap for 4, 5, 6 was suppose to be the lead single but he was arrested again and G Rap went with the joint with Nas knwn as fast life

Fat Joe gave Guru a place to live for awhile when guru moved from boston to nyc

The reason Sheek wasn’t around much after LOX split from Bad boy cause he was clearing up cases he had

The real reason Mase left hip hop & Harlem is because of heavy extortion, not an epiphany from god

Pharrel use to carry records around for Teddy Riley he also produced and wrote ‘rump shaker”

The following rappers been robbed more than one time:
    Busta Rymes
    jazze phae
    Dr. Dre
    Shyheim from the wu
    Mase(most famous for gettin his chain snatched at a knicks game)
    Jermaine Dupri

Alpo, Fritz, the original 50 Cent from Ft Greene and various other notorious hustlers/killers from the legendary Paid In Full Posse were in the crew shots on “paid in full” and “follow the leader”.

Freddie Foxxx went to Landspeed records like 200 deep in order to get the money they owed him

Kool Herc was shot around 78 or something

Everyone in CashMoney has done at least 2 years in prison

Rakim was still in high school when paid in full dropped

JT the bigga Figga returned Nas chain to him when it got stolen in cali

DJ Ready Red was kicked out of Geto Boys and shafted by J. Prince because of his lack of melanin

Kool G Raps verse from “the Symphony” were bars he took off “men at work”

Dj premier stopped workin wit jeru the damaja cuz jeru got pissed when premier was f*ckin around with his sister

Ghostface said on tony’s money “this what happens when u dont give cats they fuckin money” in response to de la soul for not paying him for the track he was on he also jacked their beat ha ha ha

Someone got jacked at a soul assasins studio session while gza was their and everyone but gza was forced to strip

Das EFX stole their iggedy style from UK hiphop outfit Demon Boyz while on tour with EPMD

According to Marley Marl, him and Cormega had already finished a whole album ready for release before Nas was due to release illmatic. It eventually fell through as Mega was sent to jail

Reason why curtis jackson took 50 cents name was because the real 50 cent had major beef wit supremes team & had em shook during his prime

Masta Killa was the last member to join Wu

Kool G Rap signed a contract with Rawkus worth more than a million dollars

All of the DJ work on Paid In Full that was NOT done by Marley Marl it was done by Rakim, not Eric B

littles stole alchemist chain

A member of Wu got jumped at Suge’s club in Las Vegas and Pac didn’t like the way it went down and told Suge to squash the beef and he agreed outta respect

A boston beatboxer by the name of A-Train is said to have beaten BizMarkie, Dana Dane, and K-solo in a battle back in 88

Mf Grimm was held on trial for the murder of a cop

common performed his diss track “the bitch in you” in Ice cubes home town crowd went berserk common walked outta the venue without a scratch

Cage (bi polar), Scarface (depression) & Kool Keith (depression) have all spent time in mental institutes…

Ghostface beat mase up quite badly

Ced Gee of the Ultramagnetic MCs produced most of Criminal Minded

Pete Rock is the real person who produced Juicy. Puffy and The Trackmasters did him dirty.

According to DMX, K-Solo battled him in jail and completely jacked his style of spelling out words in his rhymes

Kool G Rap is “Super Head” Baby Daddy

    Master P, Ma$e, and Cam’Ron all had a chance to go to the NBA
    Nelly had a chance to be in the MLB
    Cool C Had a chance to play for the 76ers
    Biggie, Jay-Z, and Busta Rhymes went to the same highschool in Brooklyn

Every rapper in State Property other than Young Chris is Muslim

Jadakiss bought one of Cam’Ron’s Beemers off E-Bay

Kurupt got his deal for death row after he battled Snoop in the street… (right after Deep Cover came out) Snoop introduced him to Dre and at Dre’s home, he had to freestyle… if dre wasn’t impressed, he was getting tossed in the pool…

Chino XL is a member of MENSA

Q-Tip wrote Phife Dawg’s rhymes on People’s Instictive Travels on the Paths of Rhythm…

E-40 Created The Terms “O Boy”,”Pop Ya Collar”,”Fasho” and The Fa Shizzle’s.. Also Get Low Was nationally recognized due to the song by Lil Jon and Ying Yang but The Bay Has Been Using it for years. The Term Wanksta was around Long Before 50 Cent Made his song

Sauce money wrote puffys “ill be missing you”

Eminem used to sound like Az when he rhymed

Cormega witness his mother die when he was just a little boy. She was shot dead infront of him

Rahzel and Grandmaster Flash are cousins

Canibus admitted that he had never smoked marijuana in his life. (Courtesy of Rolling Stones – November 13, 2002)

Immortal Technique was born in a military base.

50 Cent lived on the same street as Ja Rule

Big visited pac in hospital after the 94 shooting

Dmx used to stand for “Divine Master of the unknown” (he should had kept that meaning)

Krazyzie Bone is a Jehovah Witness

Dre didnt like Snoop’s raps, when he first heard them.

Just blaze got into producing, mostly to buy videogames.

LL cool j wanted to do a song with odb. But when odb got to the studio. He rip off one of LL’s plaque & pissed on it. Which made LL mad & got sercuity on him.

mc hammer dissed redman in one of his song.

dmx first thought Biggie was soft. Since, he saw Big did somethin real stupid in the studio

Bad Azz was Snoop’s ghostwriter.

Jay Z ghostwritten Dre’s verse on “Forgot About Dre”

Ras Kass use to battle Snoop in High School

Ras Kass’s baby mother is recording artist Teedra Moses who he helped get a deal

Kool Keith & DMX used to collects bugs.

Pharoahe Monch used to be real fat, he also has Asthma

baron davis and the game grew up together.

nas dropped out of school in the 7th grade.

The Fugees used to open up for Nas before either of them really blew up… (right after Illmatic)

You know that Biggie and Nas were hyped in 94 as the saviors of NY. Well supposedly they were on some tour and Nas began freestyling while they were drunk or something. Biggie fell asleep and then woke up and Nas was still going!

Nas, Jay and Mad Skillz were known in the early-to-mid-90s as the industries biggest ghostwriters….

Mos Def was originally on BET’s Teen Summit

50 Cent wrote most of Blaque’s first album   

Ron Artest grew up in the same Queensbridge housing projects that Nas, MC Shan, Havoc, and others did. If you look for him you can see him in various QB-related artists’ videos.

After Nature’s “Nas Is Not” single began circulating, Nature was reportedly beat down by Nas’ brother Jungle and his friends…

Supposedly Jungle and Lake also got Prodigy his chain back after he had been robbed…

Also supposedly, Fat Joe and Big Pun had developed a rivalry with Jay Z way back in 98. They supposedly got into it at a club and Pun smashed a bottle of champagne or some wine over Jay’s head…

The Neptunes used to ghostproduce for Teddy Riley, they produced SWV’s “Right Here” with Pharrell singing backup vocals

Timbaland used to ghostproduce sorta – sometimes hed get credit, sometimes he didnt – for DeVante Swing of Jodeci….

Timbaland and Ginuwine used to be in a group on Devante’s label called Da Bassment, if you look for the Nutty Professor Soundtrack they have a cover of Ready for the World’s “Love You Down”

Missy was in another group on Devante’s label called Sista, they had a song on the Dangerous Minds Soundtrack….

Lil Wayne Shot Himself When He Was 9

Game Was On The Dating Gameshow Change Of Heart And His Girl Had A Change Of Heart

 jay and mase had a little beef Supposedly it was a misunderstanding.
 mase got at them on his opening track on harlem world.
 jay got at him on “imaginary player” vol. 1.

 Angie Stone was Signed to Sugar Hill records as a rapper

Nas was suppose to be on “CAN I LIVE PT 1″ by Jay-z….Nas didnt show up at last minute and Reasonable Doubt had was deadlined for the Next day….So Jayz had to hurry up and WRITE the 2nd Verse of it in 20 minutes and record it by himslef….Alot of people say this was the begining of a long standing fued

Style’s P Attacked Puffy with Chair…(Security saved his ass)

Beanie Sigel knocked out Gillie the Kid on South street in front of Whole Cash Money crew when the NBA all star game was there

NAS wrote “MIAMI” for Will Smith

2Pac was ready to sign Big Daddy Kane to his label Makaveli Records.

2Pac took ballet.

AZ was in one of Jay-Z’s videos.

Tigger from Rap Citys the basement as well as Mystikal where cheerleaders in highschool

Lil Wayne ghostwrote for Bow Wow before.

50 Cent lived on the same street as Ja Rule

Redman and Tame-One are cousins

Beastie Boys single “Paul Revere” was written by RUN-DMC

Cormega was in Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player” video

Kevin Liles (former Def Jam president) wrote “Girl You Know It’s True” performed by Milli Vanilli.

Kim had her ass whopped by Faith over B.I.G

Mary J Blige was a cokehead

Jay-Z was in Kanes’ old videos

Roxanne Shante got pregnant when she was 15 years old

LOX debuted on Main Source 2nd album

T.I. has 2 kids with Xscape singer Tiny

Juicy J and Project pat are brothers. And thier father is a minister.

Will smith hid in a closet when suge night and his blood friends stormed a studio in cali.

T.I. says urban legend was a paperless album. implying he keeps his raps in his head like jay or freestyles. (it seems everyone is tryin to do this now…)

Method Man was dusted during the recording of the Mary J. Blige “All I Need” video. (That explains some of his facial features in the video)

Willie D of the group Getto Boys moved his entire family to Baku, Azerbaijan, a middle east country on the border of Iran.

Samuel L Jackson appears as a concerned family memeber of Flavor Flav on “911 is a Joke” Only later to say he’ll never work with Rappers.

Lauryn Hill is a dancer in the MC Lyte video “cappaciono”

Members of Pharcyde appear as dancing Egyptians in Michael Jacksons “remeber the times” video.

Heather Hunter former pornstar can be seen huggin up on Big daddy Kane on “cause i can do it right” video.
Ice-t does the pee-wee in Joeski Loves “Pee wees Dance” video.

Heavy D gives the camera the middle finger on the “Dont Curse Video”

punk rock star Henry Rollins potrays Vinilla Ice in 3rd Bass “pop goes the Weasal video.”

Hype Williams the famous video director got his start in as an intern for Video Music Box and his government name is Harold.

In the “Killing Me Softly” video The Fugees are actually sitting in the theatre watching the original rejected version of the video.

In The Infamous pamala Lee/ Tommy Lee sex tape the couple do it to the sounds of MC hammers “Its all Good”

In Masta Aces’ “Me and The Biz” The Biz Markie doll was added last minuete when it was discovered Biz could not attend the taping.

Masta Killa punched a reporter for making fun of Wu.

JD is rich as hell for ghostwriting most of Usher’s cds

Vinnie of Naughty By Nature is first cousins with Mike Tyson

Dame Dash played a swordsman named Carlos in Highlander: Endgame.

Havoc & Prodigy stole they names from the westcoast rappers South Central Cartel (Havok & Prodogy)

Eve is the one who snitched on Foxy Brown wit DMX, leading to Kurupt leaving her and throwin’ disses at X.

Rakim wrote some verses for ‘paid in full’ three years before the album came out … that wouldve meant he wrote that sh*t around the ages of 14/15 …damn

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