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I've reposted this post and the post below because they seem somewhat relevant to the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Gaston Leroux is a French writer best known for writing the Phantom of Opera, but his genius best shines in his book, The Mystery of the Yellow Room. The book stands out as being one of the first "Locked Room Mysteries" - a subgenre of fictional dectective crime novels where a crime, usually a murder, is committed under impossible circumstances, in a setting where no intruder could have entered or escaped. Hence the "Locked Room". The detective assigned to the case, as well as the reader are then driving through the story in search of a rational explanation as to how this could have happened. Like a game of wits, solving the puzzle makes for the ultimate page turner.

Though The Mystery of the Yellow Room is one of the novels of this kind and a very good one at that, some of the true masterpieces of the genre come from John Dickson Carr aka Carter Dixon, whose caper, The Hollow Man is consider to be the greatest locked room mystery of all time. Below is incomplete list of locked room mysteries well worth your time.



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