Claudia La Rocco's Top 9 of 2009 on WNYC features Ann Liv Young's confrontation with Kanye West

Our favorite performance artist and RINY subject, Ann Liv Young, fades Kanye West and to his face none the less. Those who missed Ann Liv Young's performance during the Why Won't You Let Me Be Great show at PS 122 this year, apparently missed this:

* If you're unfamiliar with Ann Liv Young - you should watch our video with her before you read on.



Below sourced from La Rocco's "Top 9 of 2009"

8. Most amusing performance artist-celebrity confrontation: Getting into P.S. 122 to see Why Won't You Let Me Be Great!!!? $20. Watching Kanye West's face while he watched Ann Liv Young smear raw pork on her nether regions (after insulting his album) because that's what Love Lockdown made her feel like? Priceless. (Perhaps I'm biased here, as Ms. Young later in the shows run stuffed a makeup bottle up those same regions as, er, a tribute to my critical faculties. But still.)

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