• Andy Warhol's Polaroids of Sports Champion at Danziger Projects

    There's only two more weeks to see this show (it closes on December 12th), so what are you waiting for...


    muhammad ali


    willie shoemaker


    wayne gretsky                                                                                                        ron duguay


    kareem abdul-jabbar


    dorothy hammil


    john mcenroe & tatum o'neal                                                                                rod gilbert




    chris evert

    Show details at Danziger Projects

  • Chris Alker & Stuart Argabright of Ike Yard @ Le Poisson Rouge


    Chris Alker has been throwing monthly at Le Poisson Rouge for some time now and he's been digging up some of New York's No Wave and Post Punk legends to help him out. A couple months back he had Sal P of Liquid Liquid on the decks and this month he's giving you Stuart Argabright of the seminal No Wave band, Ike Yard. It should be a good one. He's got quite the bio which you should read below.



    Stuart Argabright is a Producer and Director who has been working in music and multimedia in NYC since 1978. Between 1979 -1989 Stuart formed The Futants, Ike Yard, Dominatrix, DCC aka Death Comet Crew, The Voodooists, black rain.

    In addition, Stuart has been working in Music Video, and with Artists such as Gretchen Bender, Robert Longo, Bill T Jones, and author William Gibson, including the 1994 "Neuromancer" Audio Book and "Hip Tech High Lit" in 1987 with Judy Nylon and Sean Young. Stuart and Co.'s music appear as soundtracks on movies by Directors Nicholas Roeg, Johnathan Demme and others.

    "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" music video (directed by Beth B) appeared in MOMA's

    "Music Part 2" show in 2009 and resides in MOMA's permanent Collection.

    Stuart and co composer Chuck Hammer recieved Emmy nomination in 2001 for their Sdtk work for NY Times TV's popular Cable TV series "Trauma: Life In The ER" on TLC.

    In 2005, Stuart formed new group Dystopians and in 2008 Outpost was formed with Mark C from Live Skull.

    Argabright also producing The Rammellzee's "Bi Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Album for the Munich indie Gomma and remixed DFA's LCD SoundSystem ( unreleased) and Tussle (SF) for Troubleman 2006 and is currently preparing to work on a remix with Scott R of SF's early electro group the UNITS, as well as a collaboration with Mirror Mirror for Rving. Int. 2010.

    and also now running his new label REC ( Rapid Expansion Corp )

    Ike Yard:

    Although IKE YARD dissolved by the beginning of 1983, the band reformed as a three piece unit with original members Stuart Argabright, Kenneth Compton, and Michael Diekmann in 2007.

    In NYC Spring 1980 Stuart Argabright, founder/drummer/vocalist of the FUTANTS, began sessions with Kenneth Compton on bass/vocals at Kristian Hoffman's rehearsal Studio on the edge of Chinatown. The group was completed when Fred Szymanski (synthesizers/ programming /treatments) and Michael Diekmann (guitar, synthesizer), with their interest in experimental electronic music and techniques, joined in August 1980.

    Although NO WAVE as a musical aesthetic had just peaked in NYC before the formation of IKE YARD, the initial influences were more European: British post-punk and Krautrock. Soon after, non-rock genres such as funk, nascent hip-hop, and experimental electronic were evident in the stylistic approach to composition.

    IKE YARD began with a lineup that included guitar, synthesizer, bass, drums and percussion. The additional percussion was often ‘found’ scrap metal: brake drums, sheet metal, and other debris from the streets and vacant lots of the Lower East Side. During 1982, with the guitar and finally bass being replaced fully by a four-piece synthesizer set up, IKE YARD’s sound transformed into a music bleached of flesh, reduced to a glistening skeleton – the music of machines haunted by ghosts.

    The band’s modular analog synthesizer set up included gear by Korg (MS-20, MS-50, SQ-10, VC-10), Roland (TR-909, TR-606, TR 808, TB-303, MC-202, CSQ-600), Arp (Solus, Axxe), the EMS Synthi-AKS, and the Buchla Modular 112 keyboard controller. IKE YARD's stark soundscapes were engendered through a combination of the unique contributions of the band members and the availability of new music-making instruments and emerging technologies of that time.

    In Spring 1981, IKE YARD recorded an EP for Belgium’s Crepuscule records (which was named single of the week in Melody Maker upon its release in November 1981). IKE YARD was the first US group to record for the Manchester UK’s prestigious Factory label; an album “A FACT A SECOND” was released on Factory America in September 1982. The band performed with NEW ORDER at Ukrainian National Home, SECTION 25 at Peppermint Lounge & Maxwell’s, SUICIDE and 13:13 (w/Lydia Lunch) at Chase Park, and with the DEL BZYZENTEENS (w/Jim Jarmusch) at CBGB’s and the Music for Millions festival. In addition, the band played at Danceteria, the Mudd Club, the Pyramid Club and Tier 3.


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  • David Weeks Sample Sale December 4 + 5 = Tonight

    David Weeks is furniture designer who also makes heirloom toys. His studio is in the same building as us. They're having a sample sale today from noon - 9pm and tomorrow from noon - 6pm. I will be there tonight, after 6, when they offer cocktails.  Below are some examples of his stuff. *Note* I'm not sure if any of this is actually part of the sale. Though it might be.


    68 Jay Street
    # 612A
    Brooklyn USA


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  • Does No Ordinary Monkey throw the best parties in NYC? Probably.

    Does No Ordinary Monkey make the best flyers? Definitely.










  • Flyers From Parties Thrown at Home Sweet Home



















  • Lubalin Now


    Photos via Typogabor & Cooper Union

    Lubalin Now is an exhibition currently at Cooper Union showcasing selections from their collection of Herb Lubalin's graphic design work. His logos, typeface design, and art direction for Avant Garde, Fact, and Eros Magazine get special attention but the bulk of the show is dedicated to the influence his legacy has on contemporary designers (most notably, that of Justin Thomas Kay). If you miss this exhibition, fear not, the flat files of Lubalin's complete collection is on view by appointment and is available to the public.

    Lubalin Now @ The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography
    Exhibition On View November 5, 2009 – December 8, 2009
    Gallery Hours Monday–Thursdays 12–7 pm, Saturday 12–5 pm
    Closed Fridays and Sundays
    Closed November 26, 2009–November 29, 2009

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  • Mara Ravitz & Smarten Up present Will Cotton at MONDOCANE


    Revel In New York friend's Mara Ravitz (Smarten Up) and MONDOCANE will be hosting a children's event with artist Will Cotton on Saturday July 28th at the MONDOCANE shop in Tribeca. Cotton is known for his landscape work inspired by sweets, which should make this an interesting event for kids ages 6-12. You can find out more about the event here and see more of Will Cotton's work below.







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  • Off The Grid Presents: Acute Records Honcho Dan Selzer @ Le Poisson Rouge

    Acute Records is a record label that's been putting out some excellent No Wave & Post Punk classics so you can expect a night of rhythmic fuzz. Below are some of the label's recent releases:





    glenn branca | Lesson No. 1 For Electric Guitar

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  • Ohad Meromi Show at Harris Lieberman

    Ohad Meromi's show, Who Owns the World, opened at Harrist Lieberman February 16th 2008. His prior show was pretty good. Here are images of some of the artist's work. Good stuff right? Weird eh?

    Harris Lieberman
    89 Vandam Street

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  • Own Art (good art) and Rare Signed Books


    The amazing photo magazine, Blind Spot will be hosting a live auction at X Initiative in Chelsea on December 15th. All sorts of signed books. original art and photography by dozens of artists (including one of my favs, Stephen Shore) will be auctioned. Art work preview and online bidding begins on December 1st. Click here for more details.

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    Younger Than I’ll Be is a group photography show curated by Skye Parrott of Dossier Journal. It opens Wednesday, April 7 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

    "It’s about New York as it was when I was younger. I wanted it to feel like being a teenager in the city when I was growing up – a little gritty, a little dangerous, and very free." Other artists include David Armstrong, Cass Bird, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Marcelo Gomes and Robert Longo.

    FDR, Cass Bird
    Summer in the City, Virginia Parrott

    Heart-shaped bruise, Nan Goldin 

    Younger Than I’ll Be
    April 7 – May 23, 2010
    Natman Room, BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building
    30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn NY

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  • Revel In New York takes San Francisco with Site Unseen: An evening of short films selected by artist & curator Billy Miller


    If you happen to be in San Francisco on February 3rd, stop by the Artists' Television Access Space for an evening of short films curated by the NYC based artist & curator, Billy Miller.  Revel In New York will be featured along with a number of interesting filmmakers and features like:

    “Film For January 1, 2012” (2012) by artist-filmmaker Scott Treleaven. An intuitive assembly of super 8 films collected in the months leading up to the New Year, and created on the last day of 2011. Soundtrack: “Clouds Without Water” by Psychic TV.

    “Heri Meets Artists Gilbert and George (Again)” (2011)
Filmmaker Heri Mkocha meets the iconic Modern British artists in East London by complete luck. They talk to Heri, and it all gets a bit fanboy.

    “SOUL” (1988) 
Infamous New York City underground star Marsha P. Johnson reciting poetry at Jimmy Camicia’s Hot Peaches production “The Heat” at Theater for the New City, NYC.

    For more information click here.

    A big thank you to Billy Miller for including us in the show!

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  • The Corduroy Appreciation Club's 11/11 Grand Meeting Announced

    The Corduroy Appreciation Club shall convene on the date which most closely resembles Corduroy, November 11th, 11|11.

    Here are the particulars and secret location of our meeting:

    $11.11 (A price which resembles Corduroy)

    232 THIRD STREET • BROOKLYN, NY 11215 (map)
    Corduroy Club Symbols will lead you through the labyrinth deep into factory.


        * The Main Squeeze Accordion Orchestra
        * Princeton University Scholar Deborah Kaple reading NPR 3 Minute Corduroy Fiction
        * Revealing of Corduroy Club iPhone Application
        * An opportunity to purchase Bonobo’s Corduroy Pants at a discounted price
        * Awards for Exemplary Usage of Corduroy
        * Awards for Best Dressed Presented by CORDAROUNDS
        * Strange Rituals
        * Six Point Craft Beer
        * And…a ROUSING Barnburning SPEECH BY YOUR PRESIDENT, Miles Rohan




    More info here

    Watch Mile's Rohan's Video here

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  • TONIGHT'S EVENT: Chris Alker & Sal P of Liquid Liquid @ Le Poisson Rouge

    Raging against the dancing wasteland, OFF THE GRID is a once-a-month event which focuses on dance music that cannot typically be heard on a Friday or Saturday night. It will focus on a collage of Mutant Disco, Punk Funk, No Wave and rare B-Sides from the 70's & 80's.

    Special guest DJs who have contributed, or continue to contribute to expanding the musical spectrum in NY will share the decks each month with the Resident NY DJs Chris Alker and Monica Sharp.

    This month's special guest DJ is Sal P.

    Salvatore Principato is best known as the vocalist and percussionist of seminal minimalist-funk band Liquid Liquid, but his nearly three-decade career actually spans a wide variety of genres. Raised in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Principato relocated to San Francisco in the late 1970’s, where he performed spoken word, composed songs, and created short films.

    He soon returned to the New York area and joined Liquid Liquid with hometown friend Richard McGuire and Scott Hartley. After the band’s CBGB debut in August 1979, and the recruiting of new member Dennis Young, the band began recording for 99 Records and released three EPs: Liquid Liquid, Successive Reflexes (both 1981), and Optimo (1983). The group’s successes included massive club hits such as “Cavern,” “Bellhead,” and “Optimo,” in addition to sold-out concerts worldwide. “Cavern” became the basis of Grandmaster Flash’s rap classic, “White Lines (Don’t Do It).” Post-McGuire, the band released one final EP Dig We Must in 1984, before officially disbanding.

    Before long, Principato returned to music and formed the industrial-dub outfit Fist of Facts, which toured Europe and released a 12-inch EP Fugitive Vesco in 1988 and recently another limited edition Fist Of Facts record has been released by Claremont 56 out of London. In the early 1990’s, Principato began producing words-and-music shows in downtown New York clubs and galleries, as well as an annual series of free outdoor shows and a cable TV program based on these shows. He also drummed with a rock band Liki Outhaus, collaborated with the late Zen Guitar author Phil Toshio Sudo in the experimental music project Avant Garbage, and ran a downtown rehearsal studio. For the past few years, under the “Uni-ver-SAL” and “New Africa Presents” banners, he has produced many African and Caribbean music concerts and is currently promoting Universal Sundays, a weekly event in New York City.

    More info here
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  • Veronica Vasicka @ Le Poisson Rouge


    For the last few months Chris Alker has been throwing a post punk, no wave, synth wave party at Le Poisson Rouge. This month he welcomes Veronica Vasicka of the Minimal Wave / Cititrax labels.  For those unfamiliar with Veronica, you can watch our profile of her below. For those unfamiliar with Off the Grid, get off your couch and go.



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  • Xavier Marrades' Documentary, The Stranger's Land to debut at Anthology Film Archives


    Xavier Marrades is an amazing filmmaker that has edited some of our videos.  His feature documentary, The Stranger's Land, has been hailed by Indie Wire as "One of the best unreleased films of the year." This personal story documents his journey back to his Catalan hometown after a 10 year absense and is sure to be a beautifully shot tale of the region's people, traditions and landscapes.  If you have an interest in great filmmaking or if you have an interest in anything at all. This film is for you.

    Tuesday, February 2nd
    7:30 pm
    Anthology Film Archives
    32 2nd Ave
    Watch the Trailer

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