• A Shufflebook Set | Richard Hefter & Martin Stephen Moskof

    The Shufflebook was a set of cards that were developed by Richard Hefter & Martin Stephen Moskof. The idea was to mix & match the cards to make your own story. Mathematically, I guess over 100,000 different stories could be told.











    Discovery via: Martin Klasch |  Images via: Hey Sam Bennett
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  • Alan Aldridge | Artist






    Images sourced here

    Read about him here

  • Andrzej Kilmowski

    Andrezej Kilmowski is a London based illustrator who designs book and film posters amongst other things. He has designed numerous works for Jim Jarmusch, Robert Altman, Milan Kundera & PG Wodehouse. You can visit his site here and see more work that you can buy here.












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  • Dan McPharlin | Illustrator & Model Maker


















  • Derek Erdman | Artist, Illustrator & $7 Rapper (Maybe)

    Derek Erdman. Don't know too much about him except that he exhibit's at NYC's Canada gallery (which is impressive) and has a killer website. Besides making art he offers a bunch of services. We'll talk about them here.

    1. If you send him $15 and email him a photo then he'll digitally draw your portrait. An example of which is shown below.


    2. For $7 he's willing to give somebody who's done you wrong a vigilante rap phone call.  The rapper is Rap Master Mourice (which may or may not be him). Rap Master Mourice & his terms of service are listed below.




    Rap Master Maurice is willing to VIGILANTE MIND BATTLE RAP CALL
    anybody who has done you wrong. Simply PayPal $7 and give a brief explanation of
    the trouble and you're EVEN STEPHEN. Do it now because soon it will
    cost $10 and you will say to yourself, "I SHOULD HAVE DONE IT WHEN IT WAS $7".

    Your $7 payment includes justice, peace of mind and a medium
    quality MP3 file emailed to you in a timely manner!

    RAP MASTER MAURICE will rap about ANYTHING, even gross stuff!
    There are no bounds to justice. SERIOUSLY:


    Supply the telephone number and the info, THE RAP IS MADE.

    NOTICE: The price of non-revenge "friendly" raps has doubled
    to $14. Maurice is a revenge rapper but will don the hat of
    friendly rapper for an extra $7.

    BECOME A FAN OF RAP MASTER MAURICE on Facebook! Or exercise free will
    and don't. It's your life, champ.

    3. For the low price of $14.98 he will send you a hamburger through the mail in an anonymous package. More info below:



    4. For absolutely know cost. That means free. He'll give you advice.


    ADVICE MASTERS is an absolutely free advice service that caters to all people in any sort of situation imaginable. If you need help sorting out a financial matter or if you're having trouble in a relationship, we're here to guide you towards a solution. If you're dealing with the death of a loved one or perhaps you just would like somebody to talk to, we're always available. Perhaps you've recently lost your job or a friend has turned their back to you for no apparent reason, we're in your corner. There's a chance that your dilemma is more practical in nature, such as gardening or fishing tips or you need a good banana bread recipe. You should consider ADVICE MASTERS a friend, a family member, an encyclopedia and the internet. We consider no subject taboo. We're not quite omniscient but we like to think that we're pert-near!

    Each of our staff is trained in conflict resolution and each holds a certificate in Expert Advice Giving. No problem is too big or too small and a staff member is on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week every day of the year.

    If you're interested in anonymity we suggest pressing *67 before dialing. We promise partial discretion with every call, you can remain anonymous or tell us as much as you want about yourself. In fact, you don't even have to have a question; you can simply get some things off of your chest and hang up. Additionally if you simply want to call and hang up when we answer, there's nothing wrong with that, either.

    "This phone call was a success." Kristen Smith, Durango CO


    5. He sells his paintings, which are nicely priced and probably worth collecting





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  • Eugene Bilbrew | Vintage Sleaze Book Covers







    Dull Tool Dim Bulb has assembled an amazing collection of vintage sleaze paperback cover art, including these by Eugene Bilbrew.

    "Bilbrew, an African-American School of Visual Arts student (!) fell into bad company and even worse habits. As he slipped into heroin addiction, his work became even more bizarre. He moved to the rear of a porno bookshop on the deuce. The mob-run publisher he worked for was busted out of business, so he sold his drawings to no less sleazy publishers such as Wizard, Satan and Chevron. Most of these are from Satan. A pall-bearer hits on the widow. An unlikely prison visitor tempts caged psychopaths. A rogue cop harasses an amorous couple out on the beach too late. A shop-class goggles wearing professor aims his student's motorcycle "headlights" into the wind. And of course, the extra-flamboyant dancer against a lime green wall "trips" and falls into the lap of his modern art loving suitor. Never mind that the text had absolutely nothing to do with the cover illustration, this is kitsch of the highest order. These all date to the late 1960's. Several have "saw-cut" slashes, which means they were returned to the distributor unsold. I can not imagine why.

    To his credit, I suppose...Bilbrew was one of the few artists doing multi-racial covers at the time. (and the hair-impaired, for that matter) I don't think it helped sales."

    See more sleazy covers here

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  • Jean Claude Forest | The Artist Behind Barbarella


    Jean Claude Forest was French artist, illustrator and writer best known for creating the sci-fi comic strip Barbarella.  In 1967, the strip was adapted in to a movie of the same name by Terry Southern and Rager Vadim.








  • Max Dalton | Artist

    Max Dalton is an artist based in Argentina. He made this limited edition print of guitar heroes he calls Guitar Lessons. The print features the following guitarists:

    Frank Zappa, George Harrison, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Brian May, Johnny Ramone, Jack White, The Edge, Chuck Berry, Angus Young, Pete Townshend, Tony Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Ace Frehley, Ritchie Blackmore, Duane Allman, Kirk Hammett, Carlos Santana, John Frusciante, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kurt Cobain, Mike Bloomfield, Jerry Garcia, Ry Cooder, Bo Diddley, Jeff Beck, Tom Morello, Brian Setzer and Peter Green.

    Max originally made 50 of these signed prints and they sold out in a couple of hours. He has now made 200 more. They sell for $40 + $11 shipping and they're going fast.

    BUY NOW!!!

  • Nolan Hendrickson | Artist








    Nolan Hendrickson Official | The Fecal Face Interview
  • Per Ahlin | Artist & Animator









    Per Ahlin is a Swedish artist and animator who has animated Picasso's paintings and provided the art for numerous book covers. His film, Sagan Om Karl-Bertil Jonssons Julafton is shown every Christmas Eve in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

    Eugene Bilbrew | Vintage Book Covers | Alan Aldridge | Andrzej Kilmowski | Stan Vanderbeek | Oz Magazine Covers

  • Tomi Ungerer | Artist & Illustrator







    "If people were brave enough to live out their erotic fantasies, pornography would disappear altogether. I've always believed that eroticism, even more than sensuality, is a form of liberation."

    Tomi Ungerer is a French illustrator best known for his erotic and political illustrations as well as children's books.

    Ungerer moved to the United States in 1956. The following year, Ungerer published his first children's book for Harper & Row, The Mellops Go Flying. He also did illustration work for The New York Times and for television during this time, and began to create posters denouncing the Vietnam War.

    After Allumette; A Fable, with Due Respect to Hans Christian Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, and the Honorable Ambrose Bierce in 1974, Ungerer ceased writing children's books, focusing instead on adult-level books, many of which focused on sexuality. He eventually returned to children's literature with Flix, 1998.

    He currently lives on the Mizen Peninsula in Ireland, where he and his wife moved in 1976.

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