• Morrissey's Muse | The Post Punk World of Linder

    Linder Sterling, or just Linder is an English artist, radical feminist and cult figure in the Manchester punk and post punk scenes.  She dated Howard Devoto of The Buzzcocks (also Magazine) and is probably best known for creating the Album art for The Buzzcocks semianl album, Orgasm Addict.

    In 1978 she created her own band, Ludus, which survived as a post punk, experimental pop band until 1983 and secured their spot in history by becoming the favorite band of both Morrissey and The Smiths.


    Listen to Ludus - "She She"


    She is one of Morrissey's very few close friends and was immortalized in The Smiths' song, Cemetary Gates. She was the photographer of the record sleeves Your Arsenal and Beethoven Was Deaf.


    Below are a collection of the artist's (mostly collage) work