• Al Capone's Guns Don't Argue

    A few other songs that mention Al Capone

    Wesley Willis - Al Capone
    Rancid - Young Al Capone
    The Specials - Gangsters
    Run DMC w/ Living Colour - Me, Myself and My Microphone

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  • Anita Pallenberg and a Few Random, but Related Stories




    Anita Pallenberg is a model, actress and fashion designer who was romantically linked to Keith Richards from 1967 to 1979. 

    While living in New York, she was involved with the Living Theater, starring in the legendary play Paradise Now. She rolled with Warhol and The Factory. She started dating Brian Jones but left him for Keith Richards, and there's rumors that she had an affair with Mick Jagger during the filming of Performance.

    She played a major role in the development and presentation of The Stones, so much so that Jagger had the songs of his Beggars Banquet album remixed when Pallenberg criticized them.

    She had a heavy interest in the occult and it was said by Tony Sanchez (Richard's drug dealer) that:

    "She was obsessed with black magic and began to carry a string of garlic with her everywhere — even to bed—to ward off vampires. She also had a strange mysterious old shaker for holy water which she used for some of her rituals. Her ceremonies became increasingly secret, and she warned me never to interrupt her when she was working on a spell"

    Pallenberg shared Richard's drug addiction and a warrant for her arrest was what led cops to Keith Richard's hotel room in Toronto where he was arrested for heroin.

    She has acted in over a dozen films including Nic Roeg's Performance, Vadim's Barbarella, Marco Ferarri's Dillinger is Dead, and Harmony Korine's Mister Lonely.


    In an interview with UK's Independent, Harmony Korine explains how the two met:

    "I met Anita almost a decade ago. I was in London and I was with this girl who'd gotten mugged. I was running after the guy who stole her purse. I didn't know the neighbourhood, and he got away. Then I lost the girl, too, 'cause I'd been running for so long. I didn't know where I was. I stopped to smoke a cigarette, but I didn't have a light and then I saw a lady who was dressed very chic. She was gardening and smoking. She had a beautiful scarf, and she was down there with a trowel, and this cigarette hanging out. I walked up to her and said, "Excuse me". She turned around and it was Anita Pallenberg! But, before I recognised her, I knew there was something special about this lady. We ended up talking and exchanged phone numbers. I knew Anita's son, Marlon, from New York. Marlon is very discreet, but I knew he had pretty heavy-duty parents [his father is Keith Richards]. And on my first trip to London, people had said I should meet Anita. What's so strange is that we met in this accidental way.

    I didn't think of putting her in a movie at that point – I didn't have a movie at that point. I was a little bit messed up in the head. It wasn't until a few years later that we started talking about films.

    Anita is the queen of rock'n'roll, like the female Chuck Berry. I thought it would be great to put her in a film. I like to start out as friends and turn it into work, rather than the other way around. It's nice for me to have a relationship that pre-dates the filming. Then, when you start working, you're already connected. If you look at the credits of my movies – my brother, my father, my wife and a lot of my friends are there. There's a greater trust and those people tend to give that much more. Anita is like part of my family. She and Rachel, my wife, sometimes knit together.

    She lives by her own rules. Sometimes I'll just sit back and watch her. Anita is very punk-rock. When I went to her house for the first time, she was blaring Beethoven on one speaker and the Wailers on the other. And I was like, "What the fuck is this music? I've never heard such a combo!" She was playing both because she couldn't decide which to put on.

    Recently Rachel and I went over to her house and Anita showed us some of her Super 8 home movies, with Keith and the Stones from the late Sixties. That was amazing. To her, it was just home movies, but to me and my wife, it was: "Wow!" Anita is very glamorous. "

    To Continue the story click here.



    Another interesting story and photo essay posted by The Selvedge Yard takes on the story of Pallenberg, Gram Parsons, Keith Richards, and a summer spent in exile in South of France.

    "In the summer of ‘71, The Rolling Stones, seeking shelter from their UK tax woes, exiled to the South of France.  Keith Richards set up house with Anita Pallenberg and their son Marlon in Villa Nellcôte– a 16 room waterfront mansion that once served as Gestapo headquarters for the Nazis during WWII.  The infamy continued with it now best remembered among rock fans as the grand flop-house where Exile On Main Street was recorded.

    French photographer Dominique Tarle chronicled perhaps the most notorious house party ever, and had full access to goings-on over a period of six crazy months.  He later recounted to the New York Times– ”They built a studio in the basement of Keith’s house because the band knew it would be easiest for Keith,” says Dominique Tarlé, who had an all-access pass inside the villa for six months. “Engineers and technicians slept over, illegal power lines from the French railway system juiced their instruments, and when the temperature hit 100, they rehearsed with their pants off.  A carnival of characters paraded through– Terry Southern, Gram Parsons, John Lennon, even a tribal band from Bengal… dope dealers from Marseille; petty thieves, who stole most of the drugs and half the furniture; and hangers-on, all of them there to witness what was happening.”



    To continue this story visit The Selvedge Yard

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  • Basic Channel - The Purest of the Pure

    The record sleeves for Basic Channel and their various output have always had a nice aesthetic. Simple, sleek and elegant. It doesn't hurt that the music is killer as well.









    I own the helmet below, which I like to wear when listening to these records. For no reason other than it just feels right.


    Basic Channel is a dub techno production team and record label, composed of Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, that originated in Berlin, Germany in 1993. The duo released a number of vinyl-only tracks under various aliases, each of which employed their signature brand of dissonant dub techno. The nine original releases were each primarily identified as Basic Channel productions by their catalogue numbers, as the Basic Channel logo on the label became more distorted and unreadable with each subsequent release.

    The duo set up a studio in Berlin on Paul-Lincke-Ufer, in a building which was eventually to house Mark Ernestus’ distributing company and shop Hard Wax, and the label's mastering studio Dubplates & Mastering, set up to ensure a desired dynamic quality for the vinyl.

    The Basic Channel imprint ceased business in 1995 (apart from two releases almost a decade later that were originally issued on Carl Craig's Planet E label), but were followed by a string of similar labels. Among the most important were Chain Reaction, which released non-Von Oswald/Ernestus productions and helped launch the careers of dub-influenced minimal techno producers such as Monolake and Porter Ricks; Basic Replay, which specialises in reggae and dancehall re-issues; Main Street, for house-related releases; and Burial Mix and Rhythm & Sound, which saw the duo's sound move away from the Detroit blueprint and closer to vocal-lead dub and reggae. Their With The Artists album, released as Rhythm & Sound and featuring celebrated reggae and dancehall vocalists such as Sugar Minott, featured in the top 50 records of the year for 2003 in The Wire magazine.

    Basic Channel also run a comprehensive programme of re-issues for the American reggae label Wackies.

  • Behind the doors of 98 Bowery

    98 Bowery is the web project of Marc Miller and the best way to tell you about what he does is to let him say it. Below is Marc's mission statement and an assortment of images that can be found on his amazing site.

    Telling stories with pictures, with ephemera and with a few carefully chosen words is what I enjoy doing best. Over the years I have been lucky to create many visual narratives during a varied career as an artist, journalist, curator, art historian and publisher. "View from the Top Floor" brings together some of these stories in a chronicle of my life and the creative world I experienced during the twenty years I lived in the top floor loft at 98 Bowery.

    The Bowery from 1969 to 1989 was a low-rent refuge for artists and free spirits willing to tolerate the alcoholics and homeless men who lived on the street. These pages show this vie de bohème as remembered through pictures accumulated at the time. "View from the Top Floor" has no hard and fast rules. It is autobiography and art history. It is a stage for my friends and me. While it does not strive to be complete or objective, it unavoidably takes its place in the bigger world, tracking in part the greater story of art and music in the 1970s and 1980s, an era when culture strove to be more real and expressive, and the East Village and Lower East Side emerged as one of the world's most potent creative centers.

    - Marc H. Miller








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  • Best Albums of 2009

    (in no order)

    1. The Broadcast & The Focus Group


    Broadcast & The Focus Group | Birmingham UK | Warp | Listen


    2. Om


    Om - God is Good | San Francicso | Drag City | Listen (An album Goblin could have made)


    3. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart


    The Pains of Being  Pure at Heart | Brooklyn | Slumberland | Listen


    4. Telepathe


    Telepathe | Brooklyn | IamSound | Listen


    4. Cold Cave


    Cold Cave | Philadelphia | Matador | Listen


    5. Nite Jewel


    Nite Jewel | Los Angeles | Self Released w/ Human Ear | Listen


    6. Here We Go Magic


    Here We Go Magic | Brooklyn | Secretly Canadian | Listen


    7. Kill For Total Peace


    Kill For Total Peace | Paris | Pan European Recordings | Listen


    8. Moon Duo


    Moon Duo | San Francisco | Sacred Bones | Listen


    9. Animal Collective


    Animal Collective | Brooklyn, Lisbon, DC | Domino | Listen


    10. A Place To Bury Strangers


    A Place to Bury Strangers | Brooklyn | Mute | Listen


    11. Pure Ecstasy


    Pure Ecstasy | Austin | | Light Lodge | Listen


    12. Omar S


    Omar S | Detroit | fxhe | Listen


    13. Martyn


    Martyn | DC | 3024 | Listen




    Best Reissues


    1. Space


    Space | Marseille | Nang | Listen


    2. Comet Gain


    Comet Gain | London | Whats Your Rupture | Listen


    3. Prince Lasha


    Prince Lasha Ensemble | Oakland | Dusty Groove | Sorry folk no gimmes here


    4. The Feelies


    The Feelies | New Jersey | Bar None | Listen


    5. The 39 Clocks


    39 Clocks | Germany | Bureau B | Listen


    6. Peter Walker


    Peter Walker | Boston | Tompkins Square | Listen


    8. Bill Fox


    Bill Fox | Cleveland | Scat | Listen


    9. Guru Guru


    Guru Guru | Germany | Brain | Listen  


    10. The Axemen


    The Axemen | Aukland | Siltbreeze | Listen


    11. The Liverpool Scene


    The Liverpool Scene | Liverpool | Esoteric | Listen 


    12. The East Flatbush Project


    The East Flatbush Project | Brooklyn | 10/30 Uproar | Listen


    13. J.T. IV


    J.T. IV | Chicago | Drag City |



    14. Sperm


    Sperm | Finland | Destijl | No Songs or video but excellent is understatement


    15. Margo Guryan


    Margo Guryan | Los Angeles | Oglio | Listen



    16. Das Ding


    Das Ding | Dutch | Minimal Wave | Listen

  • Bikini Machines - Collected LP Art

















    From the brilliant Bikini Machines

  • Bixobal Magazine | Publish More Issues Please



    Bixobal is magazine published by Ri Be Xibalba. They've published 5 issues. They need to publish more. Notable Stories have included:

    The No-Neck Blues Band's Dave Nuss recalls his time with The Source Family which led to the first Yahowa 13 performance in New York City and their new LP. As much about Dave's experiences throughout this and how it brought him into the Family, as about discovering the wealth of their archives and continuing energy.

    Akio Suzuki's diary from the 2006 Resonant Spaces tour in the UK during June 2006 as translated and introduced by Alan Cummings.

    The Infinite Horizons of Stomu Yamash'ta by Gregor Meyer - a massive overview of the life and work of avant garde percussionist Stomu Yamash'ta, including his first English-language interview in over 30 years. A child prodigy, his meteoric rise in the Classical world spawned a new world of improvisation and Avant Classical in the late '60s and early '70s before melding Eastern concepts with Jazz Fusion via his more well known outfits Come to the Edge, East Wind, and Go. Includes never-before-revealed insight into collaborations with Toru Takemitsu, Takehisa Kosugi, Masahiko Sato, the Baschet brothers, and others. Years in the making, this exhaustive survey corrects misinformation and apocrypha carried down for decades, and opens a new window to Yamash'ta's current projects featuring instruments made from resonant stones. Includes an complete discography of his official releases.

    an incredibly fun discussion with Peter Stampfel, founding member of the Holy Modal Rounders, about Harry Smith, the Fugs, Santeria, amphetamines, god, coincidence, music and much more. conducted by Allan MacInnis, this 19 page feature includes an illustration by Peter's daughter Zoe, plus a supplemental 3 page interview with Antonia Stampfel

    an interview with Gerd Kraus on the legendary Krautrock bands Limbus 3 and Limbus 4 and the heady times that they grew out of

    Jesse Paul Miller on his habit of collecting "bad" records

    book dealer and artist Dave Hornor gives us the run down on books by Tuli Kupferburg of The Fugs

  • Boston Tea Party Posters




















    Sixties Posters has assembled the largest collection of Boston Tea Party posters I've seen anywhere and the best part is that you can bid on them. You'll need deep pockets though.

    The Boston Tea Party was a concert venue located on 53 Berkeley Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Originally the site of a synagogue, and then a street mission, the location was later converted into a venue that showed underground films, before being bought by Ray Riepen and David Hahn and converted again into a concert venue. It opened as a rock music hall on January 20, 1967.

    The venue became associated with the psychedelic movement, being similar in this way to other contemporary rock halls such as New York's Fillmore East and Electric Circus, San Francisco's Fillmore West, and Philadelphia's Electric Factory.

    The early history of this venue is documented in the book Mansion on the Hill by Fred Goodman.


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  • Brooklyn Underground Film | Jake Magher's Energy Music

    Trailer to Jake Magher's new film, Energy Music. Jake is the Dark Lord of the Greenpoint loft-film scene, which now moved to Bushwick. It's basically like the New York Free Jazz scene in the 60's, only freak-outs are done with celluloid instead a saxophones. If this film is half as good as his last three, it'll be bloody beautiful.

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  • Check Out The Orange Drugs












    Orange Drugs is 80's skate punk image blog that's just starting to get its groove but looks incredibly promising.
    [Via] Reference Library

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  • Chris Alker & Stuart Argabright of Ike Yard @ Le Poisson Rouge


    Chris Alker has been throwing monthly at Le Poisson Rouge for some time now and he's been digging up some of New York's No Wave and Post Punk legends to help him out. A couple months back he had Sal P of Liquid Liquid on the decks and this month he's giving you Stuart Argabright of the seminal No Wave band, Ike Yard. It should be a good one. He's got quite the bio which you should read below.



    Stuart Argabright is a Producer and Director who has been working in music and multimedia in NYC since 1978. Between 1979 -1989 Stuart formed The Futants, Ike Yard, Dominatrix, DCC aka Death Comet Crew, The Voodooists, black rain.

    In addition, Stuart has been working in Music Video, and with Artists such as Gretchen Bender, Robert Longo, Bill T Jones, and author William Gibson, including the 1994 "Neuromancer" Audio Book and "Hip Tech High Lit" in 1987 with Judy Nylon and Sean Young. Stuart and Co.'s music appear as soundtracks on movies by Directors Nicholas Roeg, Johnathan Demme and others.

    "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" music video (directed by Beth B) appeared in MOMA's

    "Music Part 2" show in 2009 and resides in MOMA's permanent Collection.

    Stuart and co composer Chuck Hammer recieved Emmy nomination in 2001 for their Sdtk work for NY Times TV's popular Cable TV series "Trauma: Life In The ER" on TLC.

    In 2005, Stuart formed new group Dystopians and in 2008 Outpost was formed with Mark C from Live Skull.

    Argabright also producing The Rammellzee's "Bi Conicals Of The Rammellzee" Album for the Munich indie Gomma and remixed DFA's LCD SoundSystem ( unreleased) and Tussle (SF) for Troubleman 2006 and is currently preparing to work on a remix with Scott R of SF's early electro group the UNITS, as well as a collaboration with Mirror Mirror for Rving. Int. 2010.

    and also now running his new label REC ( Rapid Expansion Corp )

    Ike Yard:

    Although IKE YARD dissolved by the beginning of 1983, the band reformed as a three piece unit with original members Stuart Argabright, Kenneth Compton, and Michael Diekmann in 2007.

    In NYC Spring 1980 Stuart Argabright, founder/drummer/vocalist of the FUTANTS, began sessions with Kenneth Compton on bass/vocals at Kristian Hoffman's rehearsal Studio on the edge of Chinatown. The group was completed when Fred Szymanski (synthesizers/ programming /treatments) and Michael Diekmann (guitar, synthesizer), with their interest in experimental electronic music and techniques, joined in August 1980.

    Although NO WAVE as a musical aesthetic had just peaked in NYC before the formation of IKE YARD, the initial influences were more European: British post-punk and Krautrock. Soon after, non-rock genres such as funk, nascent hip-hop, and experimental electronic were evident in the stylistic approach to composition.

    IKE YARD began with a lineup that included guitar, synthesizer, bass, drums and percussion. The additional percussion was often ‘found’ scrap metal: brake drums, sheet metal, and other debris from the streets and vacant lots of the Lower East Side. During 1982, with the guitar and finally bass being replaced fully by a four-piece synthesizer set up, IKE YARD’s sound transformed into a music bleached of flesh, reduced to a glistening skeleton – the music of machines haunted by ghosts.

    The band’s modular analog synthesizer set up included gear by Korg (MS-20, MS-50, SQ-10, VC-10), Roland (TR-909, TR-606, TR 808, TB-303, MC-202, CSQ-600), Arp (Solus, Axxe), the EMS Synthi-AKS, and the Buchla Modular 112 keyboard controller. IKE YARD's stark soundscapes were engendered through a combination of the unique contributions of the band members and the availability of new music-making instruments and emerging technologies of that time.

    In Spring 1981, IKE YARD recorded an EP for Belgium’s Crepuscule records (which was named single of the week in Melody Maker upon its release in November 1981). IKE YARD was the first US group to record for the Manchester UK’s prestigious Factory label; an album “A FACT A SECOND” was released on Factory America in September 1982. The band performed with NEW ORDER at Ukrainian National Home, SECTION 25 at Peppermint Lounge & Maxwell’s, SUICIDE and 13:13 (w/Lydia Lunch) at Chase Park, and with the DEL BZYZENTEENS (w/Jim Jarmusch) at CBGB’s and the Music for Millions festival. In addition, the band played at Danceteria, the Mudd Club, the Pyramid Club and Tier 3.


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  • Cool Ass Blog | They Don't Call Them Lovers in High School, Leeland











    detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit detroit



    indulge here

  • Crash Course in Science on The Uncle Floyd Show


    People who grew up in the tri-state area, mostly in New York and especially in New Jersey are familiar with Uncle Floyd.  He was the host of The Uncle Floyd Show that ran on New Jersey Network and it was basically the coolest show on earth.  It had puppet shows, all sorts of weird NJ legends, like R. Steevie Moore (Ariel Pink's main influence) and music guests like The Ramones, The Misfits, Cyndi Lauper, David Johansen, Chubby Checker, Dr. Demento, Pussy Galore, The Dead Boys and so on.  It was like the best of WFMU if WFMU were on televsion. 

    Anyways, he also had Crash Course in Science on his show, who were a late 70's Philadelphia band that used kitchen appliances and such as instruments. The first video is of them on Uncle Floyd Show and the bottom videos are their "hit" tracks Cardboard Lamb and Flying Turns.



    If you like this you Crash Course in Sciene you will almost definitely like Die Doraus & Die Marinas | Non Band | Space | The Droids | Joachim Witt | Edgard Varese & Le Corbusier and if you made it this far you should also probably check Kill For Total Peace! because they are the best band out right now... hands down... bar none.

  • Deconstructing Panda Bear's Person Pitch


    Panda Bear is the member of Animal Collective who made the nearly perfect solo record, Person Pitch. I was on his Wikipedia page and noticed all the sampling he did for this album and thought that highlighting some of these bits & pieces would be fun. 

    We begin with Agnes Montgomery. She's the artist who created the iconic album art (shown above) and the collages shown below. Agnes is based in Philly.  Signed limited edition prints of her work can be purchased for $125 here.






    Below are the songs sampled on the album:


    Comfy In Nautica features a sample of Geino Yamashirogumi's song Tetsuo.  Geino Yamashirogumi is a Japanese folk collective that could have over 70 singers and 100 members at any given time.  The members consist of every day people that range from businessmen, doctors, students and everyone in between. The song Panda Bear sampled was a commisioned tune from the soundtrack to Akira.  The picture below is taken from Julian Cope's website and shows some of the members performing.




    Take Pills, the second song on Person Pitch, contains a sample from a Scott Walker's ballad, Always Coming Back to You (shown below) and The Tornados song, Popeye Twist (shown below that).



    Track 3 - Bros - Contains the following samples:

    Red Roses and a Sky of Blue by The Tornados



    I've Found a Love by Cat Stevens from his album, Matthew & Son



    Rub A Dub Dub by The Equals (Listen Here)



    Track 4: I'm Not contains a sample from Rose, Liz, Printemps, Verdure by Guillaume de Machaut but performed by Gothic Voices



    Track 5: Good Girl / Carrots contains the following samples:

    Radio Calcutta #2 from the album Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound



    Enter the Dragon by Lee Scratch Perry



    Ananas Symphonie by Kraftwerk



    Track 6: Search for Delicious is named after the book of the same namb by children's author Natalie Babbitt



    ...and that takes care of that!

  • Desert Island Discs

    For a while now, BBC 4 has been asking Celebrities what 8 albums, 1 book and 1 luxury item they would take them if they were to get stranded on a desert Island. Below are some selections


    Suggs of Madness

    1. Cry Me a River
    Performer: Julie London
    CD Title: That's Jazz

    2. Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
    Performer: Ian Dury
    CD Title: A Hard Nights Day

    3. London's Burning
    Performer: The Clash
    CD Title: Clash on Broadway

    4. On a Portrait of a Deaf Man
    Performer: John Betejman accompanied by Jim Parker
    CD Title: Banana Blush

    5. Al Capone
    Performer: Prince Buster
    CD Title: FABulous Greatest Hits

    6. Is That All There Is?
    Performer: Peggy Lee
    CD Title: Lieber & Stoller Songbook

    7. Village Green Preservation Society
    Performer: The Kinks
    CD Title: The Kinks are the Village Preservation Society

    8. Cleaning Windows
    Performer: Van Morrison
    CD Title: The Best of Van Morrison

    His book, apart from The Bible and the Complete Works of Shakespeare, would be a concise book of Italian verbs.

    His luxury would be a nucleus of bees.

    John Malkovich

    1. When the Leaves Come Falling down
    Performer: Van Morrison
    CD Title: Back on Top

    2. Rainy Day in Georgia
    Performer: Brook Benton
    CD Title: Brooke Benton - 40 Greatest Hits

    3. Once Upon a Time
    Performer: Frank Sinatra
    CD Title: September of My Years

    4. Kentucky Avenue
    Performer: Tom Waits
    CD Title: Blue Valentine

    5. Accordion theme from soundtrack of The Dancer Upstairs
    Performer: Albert Iglesias
    CD Title: The Dancer upstairs

    6. Still DRE
    Performer: Dr Dre
    CD Title: The Lick - presented by Trevor Nelson

    7. Highway 29
    Performer: Bruce Springsteen
    CD Title: The Ghost of Tom Joad

    8. Who knows where the time goes Performer: Nina Simone
    Composer: Denny
    CD Title: Black Gold

    His book, in addition to the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare, would be The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner.

    His luxury would be a cappuccino maker.

    David Gilmour - Pink Floyd

    1. 'Waterloo Sunset'
    Performer  Kinks
    CD Title  25 Years of  Rock and Roll - 1967/Various artists.

    2. 'Ballad in Plain D'
    Performer  Bob Dylan
    CD Title  Another Side of Bob Dylan

    3. 'I'm Still Here'
    Performer  Tom Waits
    CD Title  Alice

    4. 'Dancing in the Street'
    Performer  Martha and the Vandellas
    CD Title  Dancing in the Street

    5. 'Anthem'
    Performer  Leonard Cohen
    CD Title  More Best of  Leonard Cohen

    6. 'A Man Needs a  Maid'
    Performer  Neil Young
    CD Title  Decade

    7. 'For Free'
    Performer  Joni Mitchell
    CD Title  Ladies of the Canyon

    8. 'Rudi with a Flashlight'
    Performer  Lemonheads
    CD Title  Best of the Lemonheads

    Book:    An English translation of the Koran
    Luxury:  An acoustic Martin D.35 guitar


    Nick Hornby - Writer

    1. 'Kitty's Back'
    Performer  Bruce Springsteen
    CD Title  The Wild, the Innocent & E Street Shuffle

    2. 'You Wear It Well'
    Performer  Rod Stewart
    CD Title  The Best of Rod Stewart

    3. 'Complainte pour Ste Catherine'
    Performer  Kate and Anna McGarrigle
    CD Title  French Record

    4. 'The Love You Save'
    Performer  Jackson Five
    CD Title  Children of the Light

    5. 'Fatou Yo'
    Performer  Toure Kunda
    CD Title  World Playground-Musical adventure for kids
    6. 'Night Ride Home'
    Performer  Joni Mitchell
    CD Title  Night Ride Home

    7. 'My heart is the Bums on the Street'
    Performer  Marah
    CD Title  Kids in Philly

    8. 'Going Back to Cali'
    Performer LL Cool J
    CD Title  Less Than Zero soundtrack

    Book:    Barnaby Rudge - Charles Dickens
    Luxury: I pod -  a mp3 player.


    John Cale - The Velvet Underground

    Performer  Bob Dylan
    CD Title   Subterranean Homesick Blues

    Performer  Velvet Underground
    CD Title  The Velvet Underground - Live in Paris 1993

    3. IN MY ROOM
    Performer  Beach Boys
    CD Title   Surfer Girl/Shut Down Volume 2

    Performer  Beatles
    CD Title  Revolver

    Performer  Elbow
    CD Title  Cast of Thousands

    Performer  Leonard Cohen
    CD Title  The New Songs

    Performer  Westminster Abbey Choir
    CD Title  Diana, Princess of Wales : Funeral Service

    Performer  Peter Gabriel
    CD Title Shaking The Tree (16 Golden Greats)

    Book:     'Repetition' by Alain Robbe-Grillet
    Luxury:   Express coffee machine with coffee beans 


    Tracey Emin - Artist

    1.Riding for a Fall
    Performer John Holt
    CD Title Pledging my Love

    2.Good Vibrations
    Performer Beach Boys
    CD Title Hits of 1966
    3.I feel Love
    Performer Donna Summer
    CD Title Classic Donna Summer
    4.Should I stay or should I go
    Performer The Clash
    CD Title Now 19
    5.Chirpie Chirpie Cheep Cheep
    Performer Middle of the Road
    CD Title Very Best of Middle of the Road
    6.Burning Love
    Performer Elvis Presley
    CD Title A Life in Music
    7.Now that I've Found Love
    Performer Third World
    CD Title Now that We Found Love

    8.Young Americans
    Performer David Bowie
    CD Title Best of David Bowie
    Book     Spinoza: Ethics by G H R Parkinson
    Luxury:  A pen which would never run out

    Stephen King

    1.She Loves You
    Performer The Beatles
    CD Title One

    2.Desolation Row
    Performer Bob Dylan
    CD Title Highway 61 Revisited

    3 Choctaw Bingo
    Performer James McMurtry
    CD Title Saint Mary of the Woods

    4.Middle of the Road
    Performer The Pretenders
    CD Title Learning to Crawl

    5.Barrier Reef
    Performer Old 97’s
    CD Title Alive and Wired

    Performer Bruce Springsteen
    CD Title The River

    7.Pon De Replay
    Performer Rihanna
    CD Title Rihanna: Pon De Replay

    8.When the Stars Go Blue
    Performer  Ryan Adams
    CD Title Gold

    Book: Collected poetry of W. H. Auden
    Luxury: Water hammock


    Yoko Ono

    1. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
    Performer Edith Piaf
    CD Title Edith Piaf: Legends of the 20th Century

    2. Lili Marlene
    Performer Lale Andersen
    CD Title Lili Marleen

    3. Liverpool Lou
    Performer Dominic Behan
    CD Title The Rocky Road to Dublin: The Best of Irish Folk

    4. One Love/People Get Ready
    Performer Bob Marley
    CD Title Legend

    5. When I Grow Too Old To Dream
    Performer Gracie Fields
    CD Title The Best of Gracie Fields

    6. Beautiful Boy
    Performer John Lennon
    CD Title The John Lennon Collection

    7. Magic
    Performer Sean Lennon

    No 8. Seoul
    Performer Amiina
    CD Title Kurr

    Book: Sai-Yu-Ki
    Luxury: My life for the next thirty years


    Jarvis Cocker - Pulp

    1. Theme
    Performer Conductor Gian-Piero Reverberi
    CD Title The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe - Original TV Soundtrack

    2. Transmission
    Performer Joy Division
    CD Title Permanent: Joy Division

    3. Mouldy Old Dough
    Performer Lieutenant Pigeon
    CD Title Dancing on a Saturday night - Dance hits of the 60's and 70s

    4. Ten Guitars
    Performer Engelbert Humperdinck
    CD Title This is my life: Greatest Hits 1967-1969 Engelbert Humperdinck

    5. The War is Over
    Performer Scott Walker
    CD Title 'Til the band comes in
    6. Lady with the Braid
    Performer Dory Previn
    CD Title Mythical Kings and Iguanas

    7. I see a darkness
    Performer Johnny Cash
    CD Title CASH - American III: Solitary Man

    8. Sailing By
    Performer BBC Concert Orchestra  Cond. Handley
    CD Title The Essential British Light Music Collection

    Book:   Sombrero Fallout by Richard Brautigan
    Luxury:  A Bed with a Mosquito net.




    1. Please Call Me Baby
    Performer Tom Waits
    CD Title The Heart of Saturday Night

    2. The Lady is a Tramp
    Performer Frank Sinatra
    CD Title Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits

    3. Take Me With You
    Performer Prince
    CD Title Purple Rain

    4. Grand Canyon
    Performer The Magnetic Fields
    CD Title 69 Love Songs

    5. Baby I Love You
    Performer The Ronettes
    CD Title Best of The Ronettes

    6. Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que
    Performer Serge Gainsourg
    CD Title Best of Serge Gainsbourg

    7. Love You
    Performer Syd Barrett
    CD Title The Madcap Laughs

    8. Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This
    Performer Love
    CD Title Forever Changes

    Book: Madame Bovary by Gustav Flaubert
    Luxury Item The Internet

    Bonus albums:  New Order Substance, Miles Davis Bitches Brew, Spiritualized Pure Phase, Plastikman Consumed, The Vaselines A Complete History, Can Tago Mago, Stone Roses Turns Into Stone, The Cure Three Imaginary Boys, The Doors Waiting For The Sun

    See more here

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  • Destination Out Takes You There

    Destination Out is a good station to prepare for orbit.  They deal primarily with Free Jazz but also No Wave, Experimental, Films, books, even shoegaze. The experience is a whole lot better if you're wearing a dashiki. Prepare for take off.






















  • Does No Ordinary Monkey throw the best parties in NYC? Probably.

    Does No Ordinary Monkey make the best flyers? Definitely.










  • Essential Records - Edgard Varêse and Le Corbusier - Poême Electronique (1958)



    Edgard Varese (1883-1965) was a French-born composer who was an innovator in the use of electronic music equipment. Varese's chaotic musical style has influenced later composers (John Cage & Karlheinz Stockhausen) and rock musicians (Frank Zappa & Chicago) alike.



    Video sourced from mjsebit
    Varese image sourced from Randall Packer
    Zappa & Varese photomontage sourced from Victor Rebullida

  • Essential Records - Wolfgang Dauner | Ouput

    Don't let the cover fool you. This is not a post punk record. It's weird German jazz fusiony compositions.

    Get Wolfgang Dauner from Mutant Sounds


  • Essential Records | Alan Vega "Jukebox Babe"

    As many of you know, Alan Vega is a visual artist and one half of the duo, Suicide. In 1980 he released a self-titled solo record with his electo-rockabilly "hit" Jukebox Babe.  This record, like a handful of his other output,  is absolutely essential.


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  • Essential Records | Best New Band | Kill For Total Peace

    This video actually does little if any justice - Spaz out to "Captin America" on their myspace link

    Sourced from Dronepod
    Listen on Myspace

  • Essential Records | Billy Boyo



    There were lots of rumors about this kid: The false story was this: As one of the "child" deejay stars of Kingston, Boyo emerged on the scene as 13 year old.  He took jabs at some of the Kingston gangsters with his lyrics and ended up getting shot in the head and killed before he hit puberty. The Clash song "Wrong em Boyo" is supposedly about this incident.

    The Real story is mostly the same as above except he was not murdered - he died of a brain tumor in Brooklyn.




  • Essential Records | Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts


    In 1981 Eno & Byrne teamed up and made a record that incorporates the sound both of these guys were into at the time.  This may sound lame, but if you were describing a record to someone and said, "It sounds like a mix between Brian Eno and David Byrne", that would be this record.  Some might think that's obvious but they could have made a record that sounded like anything right? ....ummm yeah. You can hear snippets from the 2006 reissue at Amazon and if you're savy enough I'm sure you can find the download.