• Krautrock Documentary Coming Soon


    Nearly a decade and half after Julian Cope's seminal Krautrock book, Krautrocksampler, BBC 4 is releasing a documentary on the German genre entitled, Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany. Expect to hear interviews from the usual suspects, Neu, Kraftwerk, Faust, Can, Cluster, etc.  You can watch the trailer over at Electric Roulette and watch a video from La Dusseldorf, Klaus Dinger's band (former member of Kraftwerk & Neu) below.


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  • Krautrock Krautrock Krautrock - And you can thank And-A-Half for this


    First things first. F*ck Krautrock is mix compiled by Black to Comm. Most of these groups you probably never heard and if you have, we should talk. Not all of them are obsucre, some heavyweigts and some are industrial bands, some fall under the NDW banner, but all are pretty out there. I know a guy who knows a guy who has a member's only German music exhange site and if this is child's play to you then I'll introduce you him.

    Here's some more info:

    Marc Richter is a record collector. He’s the kind of guy you want to know because he unearths stuff that you never even come across in day to day life. It’s one of the traits that makes the Dekorder label so interesting and certainly the backbone of his new album (for Type…) ‘Alphabet 1968’ so curious and astounding. It should make perfect sense then that he is contributing a Typecast revealing his far-reaching collection of tunes, and in ‘F*CK KRAUTROCK’ he has put together something that defies simple classification. As Dizzee Rascal might say – Bonkers.

    Andreas Dorau & Holger Hiller – Guten Morgen Hose
    Christian Naujoks – Horizon Scene/Maladies
    Fanal – Zwischen den Landstrassen
    Mense Reents – This is the Way
    Egoexpress – Aranda
    Cpt. Kirk & – Racist Friend
    The Cocoon – While The Recording Engineer Sleeps
    Wooden Veil – Moon and Hamburg
    Cassiber – Not Me
    Wave UFO – Untitled 1
    Alec Empire – Walk the Apocalypse
    Wave UFO – Untitled 2
    Holger Czukay – Witches’ Multiplication Table
    Justus Koehnke – Old Man
    Max Müller – Frauenkrieg
    Workshop – Amnesty

    You can stream, listen, download, whatever, here

    Trailer to Kraftwerk & The Electronic Revolution


    Black Meteoric Star Live on Bis Radio Part 1

    Discovery via and a half

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  • Michael Clark Dance Company

    Michale Clark is a Scottish born, London based dancer and choreographer known for (amongst alot of other things) incorporating punk music into his work. He has collaborated with the likes of Leigh Bowery, The Fall, Laibach, Wire & Igor Stravinsky.  If these videos don't get you into dance, nothing probably will.



    Video Sources: Bloody Volcano & Eraserhead 1982

    Wiki and his seriously dope, official

    You may also like our videos on Ann Liv Young & Noemie LaFrance

  • Michael English & Nigel Waymouth Were Hapshash & The Coloured Coat


    Hapshash & The Coloured Coat were a sixties design duo that consisted of Nigel Waymouth and Michale English. Along with fellow artist Martin Sharp, the collective were heavily associated with London's psychedelic scene.

    From John Coulthart:

    "This was a bitter blow coming at a time when I’ve been working on something inspired in part by Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, the 1960s design duo comprised of Michael English and Nigel Waymouth. The two artists, together with associate Martin Sharp, are indelibly associated with the London psychedelic scene of the late Sixties. Whereas Sharp’s posters were often loose and dramatically bold explosions of shape and colour, the Hapshash posters were more carefully controlled in their curating of disparate elements borrowed from Art Nouveau—especially Mucha and Beardsely—comic strips, Op Art, Pop art and fantasy illustration. Their work perfectly complemented the very distinctive atmosphere of the capital’s psychedelic scene which, for a couple of hectic years, saw an explosion of new bands (or old bands in new guises) fervently engaged in a lysergic exploration of Victoriana, childhood memories and frequent silliness. UK psychedelia is generally more frivolous than its US equivalent which had the Vietnam War and civil disorder to deal with; English and Waymouth’s graphics captured the London mood."

    Additional images sourced from The Who Collection
  • Momus & Shinro Ohtake

    I've been a fan of the Momus blog, Imomus pretty much since he started blogging. It's always entertaining, especially when he's in Japan, where he happens to be at the moment.  In this particular post he talks about the artist & photographer, Shinro Ohtake, who spent a lot of time documenting the British punk scene circa 1977 for his book UK 77. I need this book.  Below are some quips from Momus, some photos from the book and some additional artwork.



    "In a series of massive picture books filled with photographs, drawings and scrap memorabilia (but particularly UK 77) Ohtake has documented seventies London better, to my mind, than any British artist or photographer.

    It's not that Ohtake -- aged 22 in 1977, he'd just graduated from Musashino Art University -- avoids the punk rock cliches that now pass for cultural history of the late 70s in the UK. His photos show us that Bozz Scaggs. Elkie Brooks, Elton John and The Enid featured on UK posters in 1977 rather more than The Damned and The Sex Pistols did, but he has plenty of shots of punk rockers, and clippings from the snarky music press and listings magazines. It's rather that Ohtake shows the entire context; views out of the window, tickets from gigs, confectionery wrappers, books of matches with adverts on them.

    What comes as a shock is how much of the UK in 1977 was stuck in the 1960s; there are silly little Hillman Imp cars, and ridiculous child-molester hairstyles in the barber windows, trickledown domestications from the wilder shores of 1960s subculture. It's all pretty grim and muddy, but it does show you where punk's disgust came from. And it's telling that it takes a Japanese photographer -- a sort of impartial Martian in this weird and depressing landscape -- to document the UK properly. Sitting in gm ten gallery flipping through Ohtake's back pages, I was completely transported back to the era, with exactly the right combination of repulsion and nostalgia, shudder and swoon."

    Continue @ Imomus

    Additional work









  • More Rock Star Art

    a few weeks ago we posted some art done by rockstars. here's more. on november 21 phillips de pury & company will be auctioning of rock star or rock star related art. the prices below the images are in english pounds. not dollars.


    self portrait by pete doherty 3,000 - 4,000


    invader's version of pulp's this is hardcore cover 4000-6000


    andy warhol's michael jackson 150,000-200,000


    michael jackson's handwritten lyric to the innocent man 8,000-12,000


    paul mccartney sketch 4,000-6,000


    paul mccartney's hand painted surfboard 60,000-80,000


    shepard fairey's john lennon lithograph 800-1,200


    landscape painted by kurt cobain while in high school 10,000-15,000


    painting by marilyn manson 25,000-35,000


    bjork's dress 800-1,200


    bob dylan's jacket 20,000-30,000


    the clash at the apollo gig poster 800-1,200


    the clash at acklam hall gig poster 700-900


    sex pistols at club du chalet du lac gig poster 2,500-3,500


    mick rock's photograph of lou reed for trasformer 1,500-2,500


    artwork by jim morrison 5,000-7,000


    drawings by moby 1,200-1,800


    lawrence watson's photograph of ll cool j 1,200-1,800


    four finger ring worn by remy ma 350-500

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  • Off The Grid Presents: Acute Records Honcho Dan Selzer @ Le Poisson Rouge

    Acute Records is a record label that's been putting out some excellent No Wave & Post Punk classics so you can expect a night of rhythmic fuzz. Below are some of the label's recent releases:





    glenn branca | Lesson No. 1 For Electric Guitar

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  • Quite Possibly The Absolute Best Story on The Beatles -vs- The Stones. Ever. Period.


    Below is the opening of John McMillian's story and a little taste of what to expect. Smart. Clever. And downright entertaining. Isn't that what would you expect from The Believer anyways?




    On July 26, 1968, Mick Jagger flew from Los Angeles to London for a birthday party thrown in his honor at a hip new Moroccan-style bar called the Vesuvio Club—“one of the best clubs London has ever seen,” remembered proprietor Tony Sanchez. Under black lights and beautiful tapestries, some of London’s trendiest models, artists, and pop singers lounged on huge cushions and took pulls from Turkish hookahs, while a decorative, helium-filled dirigible floated aimlessly about the room. As a special treat, Mick brought along an advance pressing of the Stones’ forthcoming album, Beggars Banquet, to play over the club’s speakers. Just as the crowd was “leaping around” and celebrating the record—which would soon win accolades as the best Stones album to date—Paul McCartney strolled in, and passed Sanchez a copy of the forthcoming Beatles single “Hey Jude/Revolution,” which had never before been heard by anyone outside of Abbey Road Studios. Sanchez recalled how the “slow, thundering buildup of ‘Hey Jude’ shook the club”; the crowd demanded that the seven-minute song be played again and again. Finally, the club’s disc jockey played the flip side, and everyone heard “John Lennon’s nasal voice pumping out ‘Revolution.’” “When it was over,” Sanchez said, “Mick looked peeved. The Beatles had upstaged him.”

    “It was a wicked piece of promotional one-upsmanship,” remembered Tony Barrow, the Beatles’ press officer. By that time, the mostly good-natured rivalry between the Beatles and the Stones had been ongoing for several years. Although the Beatles were more commercially successful, the two bands competed for radio airplay and record sales throughout the 1960s, and on both sides of the Atlantic teens defined themselves by whether they preferred the Beatles or the Stones. “If you truly loved pop music in the 1960s… there was no ducking the choice and no cop-out third option,” one writer remarked. “You could dance with them both,” but there could never be any doubt about which one you’d take home.

    Much of this was by design. With their matching suits, mop-tops, and cheeky humor, the Beatles largely obscured their origins as working-class Liverpudlians; by contrast, under the influence of their wily manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, the Stones cultivated a decadent, outlaw image, even though they mostly hailed from the London suburbs. “The Beatles were thugs who were put across as nice blokes,” someone remarked, “and the Rolling Stones were gentlemen who were made into thugs by Andrew.”

    Continue reading at The Believer

    oh...and this is guy who wrote it. Click here and read his bio. He's like wicked smart.


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  • Reading LIst | Lusts of a Moron | My Life and Loves

    Lusts of a Moron, by Momus, is not exactly literature but it is a pleasurable cross referencing bonanza in to the mind of a true savant.  Nobody drops more cultural  knowledge into a single song then him.  Take for example, the lyrics to Bluestockings, a song about the dirtiest books ever written. If I were looking for a dirty book suggestion, this song would be a good place to start.

    I love you, you're so well read
    Blue stockings well spread
    Your carnal knowledge knocks me dead

    I love you, you're so well read
    Bluestocking give head
    I love you, you've read:

    Ovid, Anaïs Nin
    The Song of Solomon
    The Perfumed Garden and Georges Bataille's
    The Story of the Eye
    The Petronius Satyricon
    The Arabian Nights, the Decameron
    The Marquis de Sade's 120 Days
    And Serge Gainsbourg singing songs to Sweet Jane B

    I love you, you're so well read
    Blue stockings well spread
    Your carnal knowledge knocks me dead

    I love you, you're so well read
    Bluestocking give head
    I love you, you've read:

    Sacher Masoch and DHL
    Portnoy's Complaint and mine as well
    Frank Harris, The Life and Loves
    Lusts of a Moron, Wings of a Dove
    The Latins of the Silver Age
    The triolets of Paul Verlaine
    Lautreamont and G. Cabrera Infante
    Mishima Yukio and Sweet Jane B

    I love you, you're so well read
    Bluestocking give head
    Whisper what they said:

    "Le silence de la chambre est profond
    Aucun bruit n'arrive plus
    Ni des routes, ni de la ville, ni de la mere
    La nuit est a son terme, partout limpide et noir
    La lune a disparu
    Ils ont peur
    Il ecoute, les yeux au sol
    Son silence effrayante
    Il parle de sa beaute
    Les yeux fermees
    Il peut revoir encore l'image dans sa perfection"

    There are more than a couple heavyweight authors named here. My Life and Loves by Frank Harris, a monster of a book that was banned in countires around the world is one that we keep on our shelves. Harris was an Irish born journalist, author, editor, publisher and one-time roommate of Aleister Crowley. He moved to New York and founded his publishing company, The Frank Harris Publishing Company, to promote and distribute his works in America. Those works are now part of the collection at Princeton University.



    On a side note, other books suggestions pertaining to the genre come from Susan Sontag, who credited the following five erotic novels as "true" literary works.

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  • Reggae LP Art






















    Images sourced from:  | I Am The Gorgon! | Barney Russel | Zeca Meyer | LP Cover Lover

  • Rock Star Art


    Brian Chippendale - Lightning Bolt



    Jad Fair - Half Japanese




    David Byrne - Talking Heads




    Grace Slick - The Jefferson Airplane



    Brian Degraw - Gang Gang Dance




    Janis Joplin



    Alan Vega - Suicide




    Devendra Barnhart



    James Nares - The Contortions




    John Lennon




    John Squire - The Stone Roses



    Mickey Dolenz - The Monkees




    Ringo Starr



    Robert Smith - The Cure
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  • Roger Dean

    Roger Dean is an artist and an architect best known for creating the album art for bands like Asia and Yes. He also designs homes, including the one below, which seems loyal to his aesthetic and a suitable place to day dream.














    Other Weird Homes

    The Hobbit Home




    Pierre Cardin's Bubble Home






    via Dark Roasted Blend & Fresh Pics

  • Sally Eaton | Psychedelic High Priestess & Hippie Goddess


    Sally Eaton is a Wiccan High Priestess, liturgist, singer and actress, whose credits include creating and playing the role of Jeanie in the stage production of the hit Broadway musical Hair, and, as a
    member of Doric Wilson's professional theater company TOSOS (The Other Side of Silence), acting in the Doric Wilson plays Now She Dances and Street Theater.

    In the mid-70’s she migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area, becoming a third degree Priestess in NewReformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn, and was heavily involved in the West Coast Craft Tradition and the California revival of the Ordo Templi Orientis. With these and many other organizations Eaton sharedher knowledge of acting and stagecraft— writing and directing dramatic rituals and presenting workshops on Acting as Magick.

    She contributed to many of the early ADF ritualsand published material, and to the music and lyrics of the songs on the album, Avalon is Rising! Her eclectic magical background ranges from Golden Dawn and O.T.O. material to Wiccan and Druidic styles, and she has presented lectures, rituals and performances at Neo-Pagan events. Her Coven WillowStar has been active since 1986. She is pursuing studies in Santeria, and in 2005 was crowned Priestess of Ochun in a traditional Cuban Ilé. Eaton remains a professional singer, best known for her rendition of the song “Air” in the hit Broadway musical Hair, and sings the blues professionally.




    Album available at Red Telephone 66

  • Soft Machine Documentary & Other Bits


     Canterbury's grooviest on grainy celluloid and all.







    ...And Those Other Bits


     NJ's grooviest


     Cambodia's grooviest




  • Songs of the Day

    Barry Brown & Little John - Sensemilia



    The Cultural Decay - Brave New World



    Girls At Our Best - Fast Boyfriends



    999 - Homocide


    Eden Kane - Boys Cry



    Phuture - Rise From Your Grave

  • Songs of the Day


    The Necessaries | Detroit Tonight | An Arthur Russel band featuring Ernie Brooks from The Modern Lovers. Bluesy Rock, not quite as good as solo Arthur or any of his other various side projects. This song is probably the most pop friendly on the album









  • Songs of the Day


    Altered Images - I Could Be Happy

    Toni Basil - Breakaway
    The Cramps - Sunglasses After Dark

    The Vampires of Dartmoor - Dance of the Vampires 

    DUM DUM GIRLS - Jail La La

    The Liverpool Scene - Batpoem 
    Tonto Irie - Western Style
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  • Songs of the Day


     the charlatans - then



     the b-52's - dirty black road



     tubeway army - me i disconnect from you



     casino music - viol af dis



    margo guryan - where has timothy gone?



     the association - never my love



    billy idol - eyes without a face
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  • Speaking of Genesis P-Orridge & Magick

    Here is great podcast of Genesis P-Orridge speaking about the Crowlien philosophy known as Thelema.



    "Here is a special treat, featured on U.S. Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis web site as part of the "Thelema Now" podcast series, an interesting interview with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge hawking his new book "30 Years of Being Cut Up'. It's quite interesting to hear GBP-O take us through his evolution through magick. As well as his own evolution through his pandrogyny. Listening to Genesis talk through this interview and explain the process of what he has gone through is quite fascinating and validating to a career that continues to be important."

    The OTO web site offers the follwing write up;

    Musician and artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge talks about using magick to make the world a better place, challenging the status quo and the power of the cut-up style of art.

    Visit Thee Brad Miller Blog to hear it.

    Thanks Mike!

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  • Stereolab Album Covers and the Mystery of Hotcha!

    I've always enjoyed the handmade approach to the Stereolab album art. The covers above the dotted line pretty much look the way they sound.  You can almost hear the soothing political weirdness oozing from the gooves beneath the sleeve.  An interesting tid bit on their Wikipedia page points out a mystery that involves the covers beneath the dotted line. The figure on those covers, whom the band nicknamed "Cliff", is a reproduction of a comic strip character from the 1970 Swiss undergound newspaper, Hotcha!.  I can't find any information on this paper.  If you know anything about it, or better yet have scans of the paper - please let us know. Muchos Gracias!







    --------------------The "Cliff" Files----------------------





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  • Suede Album Covers

    As a band, I can take them or leave them. I do like a handful of their songs and I really like their video for Metal Mickey,  but what I always really loved about this band was their LP art.

    Their story begins with the image below taken from their self titled album, Suede.  The cover was taken from the book, Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs by Tessa Boffin and Jean Fraser and was placed on Virgin Media's Top 20 Most Pretentious Album Covers.  The Actual photograph was cropped from a photo by Tee Corrine.


    The inner sleeve photography was done by legendary rock photographer, Pennie Smith, who you will most likely recognize from the shot below.

    The best of Suede's covers came later, when Peter Saville, art director for Factory Records came into the picture. Peter made these covers as well.




    ...and now for the Sude covers...the hyper glam covers are the ones designed by Peter. The others are just as a great.









    As a bonus: Here are some of those "Pretentious Album Covers" listed in that story. The rest can be found here.




  • Tape Art

    This guy makes portraits from casette tape and film reels.


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  • Teenage Jesus Where Have You Gone?



















    expensive shit

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