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  • Body Map

    Body Map was and English clothing label started by Stevie Stewart and David Holah which was popular with the Blitz Kid scene and Michael Clark. According to The Independent:

    "Stewart and Holah took London by storm in 1982, and the hype surrounding their label continued in the first half of the decade. Collections such as their 1985 Barbie Takes a Trip Around Nature's Cosmic Curves shocked American buyers. The show featured trippy lights, models dressing at the side of the catwalk, and shiny swimwear that looked like rubber; it proved to be about nine years before its time. Another show, Family, showed models of all ages, shapes and sizes, with Stewart and Holah's mothers walking down the catwalk alongside singer Helen Terry.

    The label was also among the first to exploit London's thriving clubland culture and design specifically for young people. The B- Basic range was one of the original diffusion lines, taking designs from the main collection and producing them in simpler fabrics to make them more affordable to a younger market. For about five years, Body Map was It."

    ....then Vamoosh!








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  • Crash Course in Science on The Uncle Floyd Show


    People who grew up in the tri-state area, mostly in New York and especially in New Jersey are familiar with Uncle Floyd.  He was the host of The Uncle Floyd Show that ran on New Jersey Network and it was basically the coolest show on earth.  It had puppet shows, all sorts of weird NJ legends, like R. Steevie Moore (Ariel Pink's main influence) and music guests like The Ramones, The Misfits, Cyndi Lauper, David Johansen, Chubby Checker, Dr. Demento, Pussy Galore, The Dead Boys and so on.  It was like the best of WFMU if WFMU were on televsion. 

    Anyways, he also had Crash Course in Science on his show, who were a late 70's Philadelphia band that used kitchen appliances and such as instruments. The first video is of them on Uncle Floyd Show and the bottom videos are their "hit" tracks Cardboard Lamb and Flying Turns.



    If you like this you Crash Course in Sciene you will almost definitely like Die Doraus & Die Marinas | Non Band | Space | The Droids | Joachim Witt | Edgard Varese & Le Corbusier and if you made it this far you should also probably check Kill For Total Peace! because they are the best band out right now... hands down... bar none.

  • Jvstin Bartlett & Vberkvlt

    I was on Justin Barlett's site and noticed this great documentary on sythn pop that I never heard of. The doc is well worth your time and I've included some images from Justin's site to help get you over there. If you like doom / black metal. It's basically a must.



     From Uvberkult:

    "Synth Britannia" is a fairly in-depth documentary about the British electronic scene which began in the late 1970's and had it's heyday in the mid 1980's (although many bands are still going strong today). It was produced by the BBC which came out a couple of months ago and has been floating around on Torrent Sites, but I think watching it on youtube is a bit easier. The film begins with how bands like Kraftwerk and post-punkers Joy Division influenced many of the musicians involved in OMD, Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, and even Throbbing Gristle.

    Soon after, electronic music gained a small following in the UK and many other bands such as Depeche Mode, Heaven 17, Gary Numan, and the Pet Shop Boys mutated those primitive electronic beats into a much more digestible and danceable form of pop music and grew a worldwide fanbase.

    "Synth Britannia" features interviews with Gary Numan, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Stephen Morris (Joy Division/New Order), Daniel Miller (Mute Records/Silicon Teens) and many more.

    If you are remotely interested in electronic synthpop/electro at all - make sure to check it out!

    Parts 1-8 (part 9 is blocked in the US) are on youtube, the link below has subtitles in Spanish, but has the entire documentary.

    Watch Here







    Commercial for Norway's Ant Sweden brand of jeans featuring Justin's artwork and music by Sunn 0 ) ) ).





    Arthur Brown live at Glastonbury 1971