• Art Beach Towels

    In 2007 Works on Whatever made these beach towels, which clockwise from top left included works by Alex Katz, Jeff Koons, Raymond Pettibon, Elizabeth Peyton, Richard Phillips & Julian Schnabel. They sell from $95 - $300. To see more beach towels and their 2008 trees collection visit their site.

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  • Boston Tea Party Posters




















    Sixties Posters has assembled the largest collection of Boston Tea Party posters I've seen anywhere and the best part is that you can bid on them. You'll need deep pockets though.

    The Boston Tea Party was a concert venue located on 53 Berkeley Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Originally the site of a synagogue, and then a street mission, the location was later converted into a venue that showed underground films, before being bought by Ray Riepen and David Hahn and converted again into a concert venue. It opened as a rock music hall on January 20, 1967.

    The venue became associated with the psychedelic movement, being similar in this way to other contemporary rock halls such as New York's Fillmore East and Electric Circus, San Francisco's Fillmore West, and Philadelphia's Electric Factory.

    The early history of this venue is documented in the book Mansion on the Hill by Fred Goodman.


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  • Denyse Schmidt Quilts

    Denyse Schmidt is a quilt maker from Connecticut. Her quilts are lovely and expensive.






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  • Geribara 5 (Nobuyoshi Araki, Yoshio Takase, and others)

    Highly sought after and extremely scarce third book in Araki's Sentimental Journey Series is being auctioned at Christies is expected to fetch $6180!  A few years back I  spent a week in LA with Keith from the criminally overlooked band Soviet. He was working with a producer on some new songs for a Hip Hop artist in Silver Lake. Coincidentally, that producer was also producing some tracks for the Jesus & Mary Chain.  One of the Reid brothers, not sure which one, had left a handful of Araki books at the studio and looking back, I believe this was one of them. There was alot of very potent Czech beer involved that night, so I could be mistaken but had it been this book and had I known how valuable this book was, I would scanned the whole thing. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

    Props to Reference Library
    Spend your savings here

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  • Isolated Magick Zine by French

    16 page full color zine. Get it while it's hot. Also avilable is the signed, edition of 30, Wickerman screen print. It'll set you back about 30 bucks and it's shown below.

    Peruse French here.

  • Jackets


    LL Bean

    Penfield | Available @ The Reed Space

    Anoka II | Available @ The Reed Space

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  • Max Dalton | Artist

    Max Dalton is an artist based in Argentina. He made this limited edition print of guitar heroes he calls Guitar Lessons. The print features the following guitarists:

    Frank Zappa, George Harrison, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Brian May, Johnny Ramone, Jack White, The Edge, Chuck Berry, Angus Young, Pete Townshend, Tony Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Ace Frehley, Ritchie Blackmore, Duane Allman, Kirk Hammett, Carlos Santana, John Frusciante, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kurt Cobain, Mike Bloomfield, Jerry Garcia, Ry Cooder, Bo Diddley, Jeff Beck, Tom Morello, Brian Setzer and Peter Green.

    Max originally made 50 of these signed prints and they sold out in a couple of hours. He has now made 200 more. They sell for $40 + $11 shipping and they're going fast.

    BUY NOW!!!

  • Old Town Old Docs

    Old Town is an English clothing company that makes British Isle inspired clothes. Check them out.





    Time to break out your doc's from high school if you still gottem. The new versions don't quite cut it.



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  • The Solitary Arts











    The Solitary Arts is a skateboard company started by Geoff McFetridge & Yong-Ki Chang. For a $1 and a self addressed stamped envelope, they'll send you some stickers. For $2 and a self-addressed stamped envelope, they'll send you their newspaper. For everything else, whether you skate or collect artsy stuff, buying their stuff is probably a good investment.


  • Video Game Stuff









    Via Slippery Brick
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  • Vintage Ski Jackets to High End Schtuff

    Vintage Ski Jackets (inexpensive options)



    adventura                                                                                                               hudson bay


    10x alpine designs                                                                                                 montgomery ward


    the north face                                                                                                         white stag


    the north face                                                                                                         black bear


    black sheep                                                                                                           ski

    All of the above are $34 at Vintage Trends


    Mystery Options


    the north face                                                                                                          ?

    Money to Burn Options


    fjallraven greenland jacket                                                                                   guy cotten derby jacket



    guy cotten rosbras rednyl                                              fjallraven osaka jacket                                                   cp company quilted jacket



    nigel cabourn cameraman jacket                                  barbour to ki to driving jacket



    acne target jacket                                                                                                   oliver spencer peasant jacket


    mhl by margaret howell zip pocket parka                                                           filson shelter cloth foothills parka



    belstaff lannaer jacket                                                  mhl by margaret howell duffle coat                           fred perry laurel raincoat

    belstaff danbury parka (with a shaun ryder haircut and the right pair of white trainers - you too can look like a manchester gangster ready to shoot up the hacienda)

    All above available at Oi Polloi

  • Winter Break is Here and You Need to Look Good

    Winter break is here. Where you going? Miami, PR, DR, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Kingston mon?  Don't matter. Pants be sagging. I saw these numbers on the Reserve Store website and thought they'd look good even at the Atlantic Avenue YMCA, which unfortunately is where I'll be.







    Like any good store they also carry vintage books




    If these don't suit your fancy, you can always go with Birdwell Beach Britches. The company with the best website on the web and the best britches on the planet.





    ...Que the fadeout music...