• Bonkers!

    If there is one thing every sport's fan should include on their things to do before you die list, it's seeing a soccer match in Belgrade. It's absolutely fucking bananas and there's a good chance you will get hurt.



    ...and what soccer post would be complete without a George Best post.



    ...and as a double bonus here is Fassbinder's list of 10 best soccer players taken from his book Anarchy of the Imagination:



    The Best Soccer Players
    1. Helmuth Haller
    2. Paul Breitner
    3. Garrincha
    4. Gerd Mueller
    5. Gento
    6. Didi
    7. H.Konopka
    8. Peter Grosser
    9. Vava
    10. F.Puszkas

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  • The New Italian Look

    The light blue and chestnut - a smart departure from the classic Azzurri. If they kept the 2008 away digits, it would have been drop dead.


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