• Andy Warhol's Polaroids of Sports Champion at Danziger Projects

    There's only two more weeks to see this show (it closes on December 12th), so what are you waiting for...


    muhammad ali


    willie shoemaker


    wayne gretsky                                                                                                        ron duguay


    kareem abdul-jabbar


    dorothy hammil


    john mcenroe & tatum o'neal                                                                                rod gilbert




    chris evert

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  • Danny "The Golden Child" Jacobs

    As a boxer, Danny Jacobs is 16-0, with 14 knockouts, most of them occurring within minutes. He's been hailed as the "Next Big Thing" and "The best fighter to come out of New York City since Tyson."  He fights Aug 22 against Ishe Smith, (a boxer featured on Sylvester Stallone's reality show The Contender), in a bout that if victorious, will put him in line for a title fight. He's basically the closest thing to a "stud" you will ever see.

    We'll be posting our video portrait of him in the coming weeks.

    Here's a quote from the video: 

    "Boxing is a sport but it's also a business. You can't take it personal but that doesn't stop me from feeling sorry for my opponents because of the brutal beating that I give them."

    Watch the fight!

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  • Fishing With Ween


    Dean Ween of the band Ween is an avid fisherman, with his own fishing club Brownie Troop 666.  He also has his own internet fishing TV show that takes him all around New Jersey looking for fish.  Below are two clips. In the first one he's in Trenton looking for stripped bass and drugs. In the second he takes the Butthole Surfers fishing in Manasquan. Below that is my favorite Ween song. I'm hoping he'll eventually take "The Situation" and "Snookie" from Jersey Shore fishing in Seaside Heights.






    There was another great fishing show, Fishing With John, in which John Lurie of The Lounge Lizards took his friends, like Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Dennis Hopper, Willem Dafoe & Matt Dillon fishing around the world. Below are the Jim Jarmusch and Tom Waits episodes. Respect the theme song.



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