Fishing With Ween


Dean Ween of the band Ween is an avid fisherman, with his own fishing club Brownie Troop 666.  He also has his own internet fishing TV show that takes him all around New Jersey looking for fish.  Below are two clips. In the first one he's in Trenton looking for stripped bass and drugs. In the second he takes the Butthole Surfers fishing in Manasquan. Below that is my favorite Ween song. I'm hoping he'll eventually take "The Situation" and "Snookie" from Jersey Shore fishing in Seaside Heights.






There was another great fishing show, Fishing With John, in which John Lurie of The Lounge Lizards took his friends, like Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Dennis Hopper, Willem Dafoe & Matt Dillon fishing around the world. Below are the Jim Jarmusch and Tom Waits episodes. Respect the theme song.



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The Mellow World of Sun in Scorpio






















If Pamela Courson had a blog. It might have looked like this. Visit Sun in Scorpio.

You Have Been Here Sometime Before

























You Have Been Here Sometime Before is the Los Angeles based blog of David John, a student of interior architecture at UCLA.  His blog is a great source of inspiration for all things design, art, architecture and furniture related.

Jeremy Dean | Artist, Designer & Hardcore Enthusiast







Jeremy Dean is an artist and designer based in Philadelphia. He designs the hardcore / skate looking fonts you've been looking at above. You might be thinking....hmmmm.... I've seen these before and you have. He worked as the art director for Urban Outfitters, so yeah, if you've been in there, you've seen this look a whole bunch. He also did some work for House Industries - a cool little design boutique I bought these blocks from.



He runs the hardcore blog THE HARDCORE ARCHEOLOGIST and below are some images from that.










Nothing to Say About These

Arnold Raving


Then This:


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Cool Looking Kids















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Karl Grandin

Karl Grandin's Animal Sweater





Below is some of his other work. Really good stuff.






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John Wesley | Artist








John Wesley is a pop artist.

After holding a series of odd jobs, he began painting at the age of 22. His first exhibition consisted mostly of large-format acrylic paintings of imaginary seals and stamps; he would retain the flatness and limited color range of these works, but would move into the depiction of bodies and cartoon characters, the latter of which led him to be grouped with Pop Art as the 1960s progressed.

The spareness of his technique often seems more akin to the school known as Minimalism, however, and indeed his closest personal associations were with artists such as Dan Flavin and Donald Judd, the latter of whom wrote a praising essay on Wesley's early work and later set aside a space for him at his complex in Marfa, Texas. Wesley himself considers his work to be aligned with Surrealism, and many of his paintings since the 1960s have taken this dimension yet further, while retaining an extremely limited range of colors and a sign-like flatness.

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Roman Cieslewicz


Above & Below images from the collection of Agnes B


above collaboration with Helmut Newton



Roman Cieślewicz was a Polish graphic artist and photographer.  He was artistic editor of "Ty i Ja" monthly (Warsaw) 1959-1962 . In 1963 he moved to France and  worked as art director of Vogue, Elle (1965-1969) and Mafia - advertising agency (1969-1972) and was artistic creator of Opus International (1967-1969). Kitsch (1970-1971) and Cnac-archives (1971-11974). Taught at the Ecole Superieure d'Arts Graphiques (ESAG) in Paris. In 1976 he produced his "reviev of panic information" - "Kamikaze"/No. 1/ published by Christian Bourgois. In 1991 he produced "Kamikaze 2" with Agnes B.

The old head in a freezer thing

My friend Ali has a blog that doesn't exist on the internet. It only exists in the body of email which she sends out.  It's full of images and stuff. The image below was one of them. I tried it. It works.


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