Revel in Portland

  • INTERVIEW: Ray Gordon, Photographer

    Daredevil Thor Drake sits down with Portland-based photographer Ray Gordon to discuss cars, life and art.

  • INTERVIEW: Alicia McDaid, Performace Artist

    Performance Artist Alicia McDaid reflects on sexuality in 80s and the influence of Portland's early 90's DIY scene.

  • INTERVIEW: Chromatics

    Johnny Jewel and Ruth Radelet of Chromatics on how partying with Ryan Gosling at a Glass Candy show in Los Angeles led to composing the soundrtrack to the Nicolas Winding Refn film, Drive.


    Jeff Kovel of Portland's Skylab Archtiecture on designing modernist homes for vampires.

  • INTERVIEW: Lance Bangs, Filmmaker
    Lance Bangs with Spike Jonze

    Filmmaker Lance Bangs takes us from his early days at punk shows in Trenton, New Jersey to working with the likes of Michael Stipe and Paul McCartney.

  • INTERVIEW: Gail O'Hara, Chickfactor

    Photographer & Filmmaker Gail O'Hara on working with Stephin Merritt and her seminal zine Chickfactor

  • INTERVIEW: Tinker Hatfield, Designer

    Legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield on the Air Jordan, Air Max and the lessons of success.