Revel In Portland Guidebook Vol I – $10

  • cover photo: Lance Bangs by Christine Taylor

In the first edition of Revel In Portland, filmmaker LANCE BANGS shares his experience working with Michael Stipe and Paul McCartney. Nike designer TINKER HATFIELD on creating legendary sneakers like the Air Jordan and Air Max. Architect Jeff Kovel on designing modernist homes for vampires. Writer & filmmaker Gail O'hara discusses her legendary zine, Chickfactor, and chef John Gorham on opening Tauro Bravo and his long anticpated cookbook with McSweeney's

Also in this edition:

Interviews with illustrator and The Decemberist's artist-in-residence, CARSON ELLIS. Johnny Jewel and Ruth Radelet of CHROMATICS.  Photographer RAY GORDON, performance artist ALICIA MCDAID, Bridge & Burn's ERIK PROWELL and over 70 of the best places to eat, drink and shop in Portland.


Carson Ellis, Illustrator
John Gorham, Chef
Lance Bangs, Filmmaker
Tinker Hatfield, Designer
Ray Gordon, Photographer
Erik Prowell, Designer
Alicia McDaid, Performance Artist
Jeff Kovel, Architect
Gail O'Hara, Chickfactor
Marc Santo & Scott Newman
Portland Editor: Janice Grube
Soft Cover: 152 pages
Dimensions: 6.25 in X 4.25 in
Published: 2012 by Harris + Grube, LLC

Copyright 2012, Revel In, LLC

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