Danny Jacobs


Produced by Marc Santo & Scott Newman
Camera by Kevin Schaefer
Edited by Christie Brown
Associate Producer: Beki Gibney

Danny Jacobs is New York City's next hope for a world champion fighter.  As a professional Middleweight, the contender is 18-0 with 15 knockouts, most of which happened within minutes of the opening round.

Danny made his pro debut as the undercard fight to the highly publicized Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton battle, and destroyed his opponent, Jose Jesus Hurtado, by TKO in just 29 seconds. His next ten fights combined for a total of 13 rounds and left a string of victims who were literally beaten senseless face down on the ring's floor.

Jacobs has been compared to Mike Tyson due to his savage beatings and quick assaulting knockouts, but unlike Tyson, when Jacobs is outside of the ring he's a self described "mama's boy and family man", who's on the verge of becoming a major New York City sports figure.

Earlier this year Jacobs defeated Ishe Smith, (whom people might remember from Sylvester Stallone's reality show, The Contender), for the NABO Middleweight title. He's roughly 3 victories away from being the Middleweight Champion of the World and Brooklyn's next big thing.

Danny Jacobs 's NYC

Danny Jacobs - Source: Photo by Scott Newman
  • Starrett City Boxing Club - Source: www.flickr.com/photos/gkjarvis/
    "Starrett City Boxing Club has been in Brooklyn for years and a lot of world champions came out of there. You have guys like myself, Zab Judah, Shannon Briggs, Riddick Bowe, Louis Collazo, Joe Greene, Curtis Stevens, Gary Starks, and the list goes on. It’s definitely the place to be if you want to be a successful boxer."
  • The Jazz Gallery - Source: www.flickr.com/photos/crayonsemble/
    "The Jazz Gallery down in the Village is probably the best jazz spot I’ve been too in New York. It has a great laid back vibe."
  • Juvenex Spa - Source: Photo provided by Juvenex Spa
    "Juvenex Spa is a 24-hour spa that I went to for my last birthday and it’s in Koreatown. It’s beautiful. I mean they got the Jacuzzi with champagne; you get a massage, steam room, sauna, the whole bit. It’s the most beautiful spa I’ve been to in New York. You should take your girl there because girls like that stuff."
  • "Fort Greene is like Soho in a sense. It has different types of unique restaurants and fashion stores that you can go to and get the latest vintage gear. I love that whole vintage Soho look. Downtown Brooklyn is definitely on the come up and I love it."
  • "Lindenwood Diner is right by the Linden Movie Theatre. It's what everybody does, they go to the movies then right after the movie they go to the Lindenwood Diner. Their king crab legs are the best and all the food there is delicious. Every chance I get, I go to the movies and then to Lindenwood."
  • Brownsville - Source: www.flickr.com/photos/23680468@N04/
    "I’m from Brownsville, Brooklyn and we have a breed of fighters that are just dominant. We have that swagger and we bring it to the ring. We’re just champions, even when we’re not crowned. We don’t need the belts."
  • "In Prospect Park you have different ethnic groups and different families barbeque-ing and stuff like that. It’s a family area, but you can also get your work out on. Prospect Park is a great place for people to go running. There's these boot camp people in the middle doing drills, which is cool to see because it gets you to work harder."
  • "I run on Coney Island because running the beach is hardcore training. I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody unless they’re a boxer. Try running on the sand from the beginning of the beach to the end and it will definitely take a wear and tear on your body. It builds you up and gives you strong legs so you can dance in the ring."

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