Emily's Feet

Foot Fetish Model

Produced by Scott Newman & Marc Santo
Camera by Rainer Evans
Edited by Todd Bieber

Emily is 5’6” and measures 44-28-32, which means that she’s quite busty and has an old-fashioned, womanly figure. An alumna of the Foot Worship Palace in Midtown Manhattan, Emily is one of the city’s most notable foot models.

Though you won’t be able to enjoy the light scent and taste of her feet here, you will be able to marvel at her well rounded, polished little toes as Emily explains why she finds her work sexy, interesting and liberating.

You can read more about Emily, see photos and schedule an appointment with her at emilysfeet.com.

Emily's Feet's NYC

Emilys Feet
  • "For shoes I go to Mooshoes, which is now on the LES and a rather fancy store. The shoes are synthetic, cruelty free and animal friendly. They carry a lot of vegan products."
  • "For lingerie I like Petite Coquet on University Place. They have a really good selection of well-made stuff."
  • "For stockings I almost always use Secrets in Lace. They sell very traditionally made stockings that are actually made on vintage machines."
  • "The Foot Worship Palace was a bricks & mortar type foot worship place in Midtown. After I got trained to be a foot model, this was one of the first places I worked."

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foot worship

i wana like foot worsip

Worship feet


I love to try fetish I having trouble finding what I want, which is girls with thick sweaty white stockings .smelling feet licking.. I never tried it yet...


Such beautiful feet Emily has...i would make love to them


I m on holiday in ny could i meet you ?


I m italian on holiday in midtown till friday,couldm i meet you? Thank you

Emily's feet


I think her feet are very pretty and toes are so perfect.

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I Want to smell your feet and to suck your toes like crazy!!! I would do almost anything to smell the Emily's feet! please will you let me smell your feet! If I can smell your feet, let me know when you have a answer!

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what a fantastic foot goddess


what a fantastic foot goddess



I found this article very interesting as I also have a great fetish for female feet. But unfortunately, there is hardly a place to find such ladies here who does foot sessions. But, I found some gentlemen who really want to meet such dominant ladies here. Hope there will be greater opportunity for any dominant lady to have a lot of customers here in Colombo. I can setup the necessary environment for such interested ladies. Thanks.

Thinking of being a foot model


I was approached by a friend who knows of someone who has an up and coming website for this type of fetish. Because I have pretty feet. I could make some extra cash. I was told that I would be a foot model and would not have to show my face at all. So here I am wondering if I should do it. I do not want any part of sex as I never have been and never will be a prostitute. I would be strictly on camera. I think Emily is brave and also has great feet. I recently found out that foot fetishes have been linked to Serial Killers so I am a little freaked out by that too...What do you think?

Foot lick

I want to lick Your foot.

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She is altogether b-e-a-utiful.



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ma'am you are really awesome i wish to be there under your feet for my whole life. . . want to make you my Goddes. . .

just wanted to say i love the

just wanted to say i love the sight! it's nice to see someone who understands fetishism like you do. thank you!

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love to have a foot job with you , im anthony. get in touch with me ok.

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Where is this foot palace that you write about?

Emilys feet


They have a sharp cheddar cheese taste ...

Emilys feet

Emilys feet taste like cheddar cheese...

Hello Emily

Your feet are delicious. Send me some pics

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it's always young stupid amerian girls who love to show off their feet but never mature women 40+



Hello! I live in Florida and am trying to go to school full-time, however, I have to work full-time which makes it complicated. I'm curious if you could give me some tips or ideas on how to market my feet to make me money while I go to school. I'm only looking to do it online, especially since I have two children and don't want to put myself or my children in danger. Do you have any tips or ideas that will help me get started. Please and thank you....



Emily I would like to have an appointment to worship your feet and I cannot find the thing on your site so get back to me on my email billz22898@gmail.com so we can make an appointment

I wanna know how much is an

I wanna know how much is an appointment with Emily and does she give footjobs

i like them a lot

i got so hard just seeing her feet and imagining all the things i might do to them. she has an amazing body as well and a beautiful face. She's got it all

Is there any way to contact

Is there any way to contact her?


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You should be a leg model too. They are gorgeous.

Would love to see u do g/g foot worship

Oh my god, like they do on footworshipstudios.com

Would u let girls worship yr feet? Thanks

Interested in her hands and fingers

I'd loved to see her fingernails in white.


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Emily's feet


Your feet are too beautiful and sexy.Your soles and arches are marvlous.I wish i could kiss, lick and suck your feet.Please let me worship your feet once.



new foot model

what is the average rate of pay for a foot fetish model?

Foot model Emily's beautiful feet.


I am not wealthy enough to be one of Emily's clients; how I wish I was! Nevertheless, I adored the free-to-air clip and hope to see much more of gorgeous Emily in the future... she has the best feet I've ever seen...


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foot lover

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its so refreshing to meet someone who understands foot lovers ..


i have been foot fan fan for years and you are so hot and understand the foot loveer perspective...


emily you look amazing. your feet are beautiful and actually you are the total package. great body. wow there is so much i want to do to you.......


Yes you have beautiful feet and I loved your most honest commentary.

Emily's feet are pretty


Emily's feet are pretty.