Emily's Feet

Foot Fetish Model

Produced by Scott Newman & Marc Santo
Camera by Rainer Evans
Edited by Todd Bieber

Emily is 5’6” and measures 44-28-32, which means that she’s quite busty and has an old-fashioned, womanly figure. An alumna of the Foot Worship Palace in Midtown Manhattan, Emily is one of the city’s most notable foot models.

Though you won’t be able to enjoy the light scent and taste of her feet here, you will be able to marvel at her well rounded, polished little toes as Emily explains why she finds her work sexy, interesting and liberating.

You can read more about Emily, see photos and schedule an appointment with her at emilysfeet.com.

Emily's Feet's NYC

Emilys Feet
  • "For shoes I go to Mooshoes, which is now on the LES and a rather fancy store. The shoes are synthetic, cruelty free and animal friendly. They carry a lot of vegan products."
  • "For lingerie I like Petite Coquet on University Place. They have a really good selection of well-made stuff."
  • "For stockings I almost always use Secrets in Lace. They sell very traditionally made stockings that are actually made on vintage machines."
  • "The Foot Worship Palace was a bricks & mortar type foot worship place in Midtown. After I got trained to be a foot model, this was one of the first places I worked."

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Emily's feet

Hi, You did a interview with a lady called Emily who is a foot model for men who like womens feet. I would like to know if, you can tell me how I can make an appointment with her. Her web site www.emilysfeet.com does not have anything on making an appointment with her......THANK YOU VERY MUCH.



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