Garrison Buxton & Ray Cross

Ad Hoc Art

Produced by Scott Newman & Marc Santo
Camera by Rainer Evans
Edited by Kyle Gilman

When Garrison Buxton and Ross Cross' Ad Hoc Art opened their doors off the Morgan Avenue stop in Bushwick, they became the first of nearly a dozen innovative spaces to populate the Buswick gallery scene. The gallery specializes in street art, pop surrealism, lowbrow, illustration, comic book, tattoo, and serves as a resource for the larger history of underground art, activism, and graffiti.  In additon to the gallery, Ad Hoc offers a variety of art related workshops and serves as a neighborhood cultural hub that brings together the creatives who live and work in the proximity.

Garrison Buxton & Ray Cross's NYC

Garrison Buxton, Ad Hoc Art
  • "The Staten Island Ferry is a must. It's free and you can get cheap beers if you like drinking cheap beers."
  • Bushwick - Source:
    "This is a great neighborhood to visit. It’s a really amazing nexus for musicians, visual artists and writers."
  • Jonathan Levine Gallery - Source:
    "This gallery is about showing work that’s not necessarily socially or critically in the same realm as others. He’s definitely a person that over the years has taken a lot of risks as far as showing art that’s outside of the mainstream."
  • Red Hook - Source:
    "Red Hook has changed a lot already with all the development that’s happening there, but its always been a really weird and pretty ancient neighborhood. It’s a little off the beaten path, but there’s a lot to see there and it’s really beautiful."
  • "Factory Fresh was one of the first galleries to show weird stuff and street art in New York."
  • "This gallery shows amazing and spectacular artwork and phenomenal installations that don’t happen anywhere else in the city."
  • "This space is an open venue for artists to come and do work. They have done some awesome events and performances."
  • "The Cloisters Museum shows Medieval art on the Upper West Side. They have a collection of really phenomenal beautiful things."
  • "This is one of the best resources for underground events listings and everything else fun. It’s not just straight up art shows or music shows, but it’s all the weird stuff you might otherwise miss in the city."
  • "Grub happens the first and third Sundays of the month. You basically go out and dumpster dive and accumulate food that would normally be discarded even though it’s perfectly sanitary, safe and edible. They create huge community dinners where it’s pay what you’re able to, so you could eat for free or you can give whatever amount you want to give. It’s a huge example of people coming together and sharing space, eating, drinking, telling stories, collaborating and all that good stuff."
  • "Rubulad are incredible party throwers and a prime example of the type of people New York needs more of."

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  • Tod Seelie


    "The New York I live in is populated by bands, bicycles and booty dancing."
  • Susan Blond

    Warhol Star & Publicist

    "Bad was an Andy Warhol movie I was in. I had an important role, which was throwing a baby out a window."
  • Danny Jacobs


    "Inside the ring I have a warrior's mentality. I'm out for blood. I'm out for vengeance."
  • Spain Rodriguez

    Underground Comic

    "Everything was cool until the gang living next door kicked a hole in the wall and stole a bunch of paintings and my girlfriend's panties"
  • Lorie Karnath

    President, The Explorers Club

    "Members from our club have been the first to climb Mt. Everest & the first to land on the moon."
  • Molly Crabapple


    "I am an illustrator, which in the art world, is very much equivalent to whore."
  • Jacques Magazine

    Jonathan Leder & Danielle Luft

    "Pornography has a very dirty and cheap connotation but I dont see anything about our magazine being dirty or cheap."
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    "Setting myself on fire was a trial and error process. There was some pain..."
  • Ann Liv Young


    "I have my own issues with exploitative sex and porn and when I make sexually explicit work I'm really exploring my own questions."
  • Ari Up

    Punk Legend

    "My sound is authentic and honest. You can hear Brooklyn coming through it."
  • Josh Ozersky

    Burger Expert

    "Hamburgers should not have sauces. Sauces, like a klansman’s hood, are a way of covering up something evil."
  • Peter McGough


    "The art scene has changed. I don’t think it’s very exciting. I think it’s very corporate and a little boring."